Spine Injection Treatments

When it comes to dealing with chronic back pain, many Tampa Bay spinal surgeon patients prefer to seek less invasive treatment options prior to exploring the possibility of surgery. Though such individuals are aggressively seeking relief from the debilitating discomfort they face on a daily basis, alternative approaches to surgical intervention are their preferred course of action.

Fortunately, a number of such opportunities exist and may be combined to create a personalized regimen meant to help patients resume a more normal life.

Injections often serve as a key component of effective back pain treatment programs and should be considered by anyone seeking a solution to an ongoing condition. Tampa Bay spine injection treatments, for both diagnostic, as well as pain management purposes, can be part of a comprehensive way to help Floridians gain freedom from limitations they may have thought were permanent.

Primary Uses for Spinal Injections

Patients who have heard about spinal injection treatment but have yet to fully grasp the concept should know that injections tend to be utilized in two distinct ways. They can be used as a diagnostic tool meant to pinpoint to source or cause of leg, neck, arm, or back pain.

In addition, they are employed as a means to provide pain management and relief to those whose back issues have not resolved on their own or with other types of interventions.

Spinal injection treatment tends to be used as a key component of a broader treatment plan, which could include physical therapy and exercise intended to maintain or boost stability, as well as mobility of the spine.

Injection Procedure

As described by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the administration of spinal injections is done under the guidance of x-ray technology known as fluoroscopy. This ensures that the medication placement is accurately targeted and boosts patient safety. A contrast dye solution is injected first, with the medication to follow.

If the treating doctor sees that the dye has not reached its intended destination, the needle will be moved and the dye injection repeated until optimal placement is achieved. No medication will be sent into the body until the doctor is satisfied that the proper positioning has been identified.

Types of Treatments

Spinal injections are performed in different ways, depending on the nature of the patient’s condition. Epidural injections can be useful in treating pain that begins in the spine and travels to legs or arms. This type of discomfort is often the result of a compressed or inflamed nerve.

These injection treatments send anti-inflammatory drugs such as steroids to the nerve at issue, along with a dose of anesthetic. Epidural injections can also be utilized in the diagnostic process by sending anesthetic alone to a specific nerve suspected of causing pain.

Facet joint injections are also available for therapeutic as well as diagnostic reasons, and are generally used to treat those with arthritic ailments, degenerative conditions or injuries in the lower and middle back and also the neck. Such injections can also be indicated when the patient is suffering from radiating pain that goes to areas beyond the midline spine area, such as the buttocks, shoulders or thighs.

Sacroiliac Joint Injections

Similar in nature to facet joint injection treatments are sacroiliac joint injections. Situated between the pelvic bones and the sacrum, these joints can receive injections for both therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. When used for pain relief, injections of this type are generally accompanied by a dose of steroids or other anti-inflammatory drug.

As with other types of injection treatment, many patients enjoy substantial relief after a single procedure, though others may require repeat injections to receive the greatest possible degree of relief.


Far less common than the aforementioned types of injection treatment is the procedure known as provocation diskography. This method is utilized solely for diagnosing pain, and offers no pain relief effect.

Diskography of this sort is used only to identify the source of chronic discomfort that does not respond to any other sort of treatment, and carries some risk of exacerbating the existing condition. However, the procedure can effectively pinpoint trouble spots for those who have been frustrated by the failure of other protocols to provide a lasting solution.

Contacting a Surgeon

Those who have suffered ongoing back pain will attest to the frustration, agony, and daily disruption such afflictions can cause. If you would like to explore spinal injection treatments, as well as other effective methods for reclaiming the lifestyle you desire, contact a Tampa Bay spinal doctor as soon as possible.

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