Tampa Bay Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Given present-day demand for quick results, abbreviated recuperation times, and few or no visible reminders of medical procedures, it should come as no surprise that many of those battling ongoing back discomfort are exploring the availability of minimally invasive options. On the cutting edge of medical technology, these techniques afford patients and their Tampa Bay spinal surgeons the convenient timeframes they require along with the cosmetic benefits and rapid healing they desire.

A Tampa Bay minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) practitioner stands ready to educate prospective patients on these groundbreaking alternatives and to offer the lasting relief many have unsuccessfully sought until now.

Recent Advances in Treatment

In the past, conventional spinal surgery was performed in an “open” manner, in that the region of the back requiring treatment was opened via a lengthy, ultimately unsightly incision of approximately six inches.

In addition to the undesirable scarring which inevitably resulted from such procedures, the muscle retraction needed for the surgeon to gain access to the spine often resulted in soft tissue damage and lingering pain. Fortunately, medical advances have permitted a significant number of neck and back afflictions to be successfully addressed through minimally invasive surgical interventions.

The range of treatments which can be accomplished via such techniques has increased over the past several years, encompassing a broad array of valuable options for patients unable to resolve their issues through other therapeutic means.

How Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Works

MISS procedures are done through a small-scale incision with the help of tiny cameras or devices designed to facilitate the surgeon’s view of the affected region. Small instruments move through the incision, which will be sutured and taped at the conclusion of the surgery. While these methods are not suitable for every patient or every condition, common types of minimally invasive spine surgery include:

  • Microdiscectomy for the repair of disc herniation
  • Spinal fusion to address disc degeneration
  • Cervical foraminotomy to alleviate stenosis and herniation
  • Kyphoplasty for fracture repair

Other issues which may prove receptive to MISS include scoliosis, spinal infections, instability, and tumors, underscoring the wide-ranging applications and potential benefits of these methods.

Benefits of These Procedures

As stated earlier, the benefits of MISS procedures for patients who might otherwise have undergone open spinal surgery are manifold. Treatments of this type offer:

  • Minimal scarring due to small incision size
  • Drastically reduced surgical blood loss
  • Lower risk of postoperative infection and discomfort
  • Lower risk of muscle and soft tissue damage
  • Faster anticipated recovery times
  • Lighter rehabilitation requirements
  • Less need for pain medication in the postoperative period
  • Potentially performed on outpatient basis with local anesthesia only

Tampa Bay Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Professionals

Life with chronic back pain can transform an ordinarily enthusiastic, active individual into someone whose every movement brings a sense of dread and agony. When alternative modes of treatment have failed to bring lasting solutions, minimally invasive spine surgery may be the answer.

If you would like to learn more about the possibilities these techniques could hold for your future comfort and mobility, contact us today.

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