Office Workers Have High Exposure to Back Injuries

Office workers have a much higher rate of exposure to back injuries than many would realize. Generally speaking, it would seem that office workers do nothing but sit at a desk most of the day, occasionally moving a box of paper or shuffling chairs from one meeting to the next. However, they often have tasks that make them susceptible to back pain.

A large body of research has shown that prolonged periods of sitting can often result in back injuries and pain. The reason is that sitting can cause an individual’s posture to suffer, which can lead to increased pressure on the back muscles and spinal discs.

Office workers also may have physically-demanding tasks that they must complete. Some of these employees are responsible for filing, which is a repetitive-motion task that can lead to lower back injuries. Others are responsible for stocking shelves and filling orders – repetitive motion tasks that can also involve heavier items. Any worker who does not regularly lift heavy items may be at risk of a back injury due to unfamiliarity with their own physical limitations as well as a lack of understanding of proper lifting techniques.

Finally, desk work can exacerbate existing issues. Employees with back pain may find that sitting still for long periods of time can worsen their pain. If that is the case, it may be important to speak with a doctor to determine methods to help lessen the pain.

Office workers must be just as aware of their own physical abilities and limitations as any other worker to avoid injury. However, if they suffer injuries, it is still important to receive the proper care. Anyone who suffers a back injury should speak to a doctor who can make sure they are taking every necessary action to heal. Elite Spine & Orthopedics physicians can help. Call for an appointment. (855) 77-SPINE.