Best Shoes to Wear When Experiencing Back Pain

Sooner or later, almost everyone will experience back pain. What many people do not realize is how much the shoes you are wearing can influence and exacerbate back pain. In fact, the wrong shoes can even cause back pain. That is especially true of women fond of stiletto heels, which can throw their bodies out of alignment and stress the back.

On the low end of the fashion scale, flip-flops provide no support and can lead to pain from the feet up. In general, flat shoes do not provide any support for the back and can make back pain worse as people tend to wear these shoes all day. While these are obviously shoes you should not wear when experiencing back pain, there are various styles of shoes you should wear when your back begins to hurt.

Shoe Purchase Considerations

When looking for shoes that can relieve back pain, pay attention to the arch and make sure it corresponds to the natural arch of the foot. Some back-pain sufferers may even benefit from simply adding a gel insole into to the shoe. The fit is also crucial, but some people may wear shoes a little too large or small for them if they like the style or the price was right.

Get rid of any shoes that do not fit properly. They are not doing the back a favor. It is also important to have a doctor look at the feet and back and make recommendations on the type of shoe that will best help a patient’s particular condition.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are some of the best shoes to wear when experiencing back pain, even if you do not run. These shoes are lightweight and designed with pressure zones within them, so every step is evenly distributed throughout the feet. Over time, that minimizes pressure on the lower back.


Birkenstocks feature a soft food bed that helps with back pain. These days, Birkenstocks come in a wide range of colors, styles, and patterns, so they are now stylish as well as practical.

Rocker Soles

Shoes with a rocker sole reduce foot joint pressure and can position the feet for better posture and less stress on the back. Rocker soles are also known as negative heel technology.

Ergonomic Shoes

Many companies offer ergonomic shoes, designed for proper support and comfort, in a variety of styles. There is no reason to sacrifice style just because of back pain, and these shoes can help. For women, there are even ergonomically designed shoes with low heels that will not exacerbate back issues.

Prescription Orthotics

Although more expensive than over-the-counter insoles and inserts, prescription orthotics are molded for the user’s foot, providing a custom-made fit. Although these inserts are more expensive than the off-the-shelf version, they are made of higher quality materials and insurance will often pay for them.

Talk to a Doctor About the Best Shoes to Wear When Experiencing Back Pain

If you experience back pain that has not gotten better within a week or so, or if the back pain is truly severe, call today and arrange an appointment. A skilled back pain doctor can also advise you on the best shoes to wear for your particular back problem.