Benefits of Outpatient Spine Surgery

No one likes the idea of undergoing spine surgery, but that is often the only way to alleviate a patient’s pain and restore their mobility. Fortunately, many procedures are minimally invasive and done on an outpatient basis at an ambulatory care center. There are many benefits of outpatient spine surgery compared to conventional surgery, not the least of which is no hospital stay.

Greater Personalization

Most hospitals do not specialize in one particular type of surgery. They are often huge and relatively impersonal since they have to help patients with all types of injuries and diseases. That is not the case with ambulatory care centers, where you will encounter surgeons and staff who can provide specialized and more personal care.

Lower Costs

Even if you have good insurance, you may have to foot a percentage of the bill yourself as per the terms of your policy. Spine surgery done on an outpatient basis is considerably less expensive than surgery performed in a hospital setting because you are not paying for a hospital room.

Ambulatory care centers are not as costly to run as a hospital and the savings are passed on to consumers. If you have to pay out of pocket, the lower costs are especially attractive.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Surgeries performed on an outpatient basis are minimally invasive. That means there is less blood loss, less pain, more rapid healing, and minimal scarring. The latter is due to the fact that incisions are much smaller.
Minimally invasive procedures also reduce the risk of soft tissue and muscle damage. The most important consideration is that there are generally far fewer complications with minimally invasive surgical procedures than with traditional open back surgeries.

Recovering at Home

Most patients would rather recover at home than in a hospital. Not only does that allow them to experience all the comforts of home rather than sharing a hospital room with a total stranger, but patients recovering at home are less likely to suffer from infection than those recuperating in a hospital.

Overall, patients recovering at home should have a faster recovery. An ambulatory surgery center often provides physical therapy and other types of rehabilitation, which you can attend as an outpatient. Some centers may even arrange transportation to and from their location if you need it.

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