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Tampa Bay Spine Surgeon

Trinity SpineFew conditions can be more agonizing and debilitating than serious back pain. While it is true that the majority of this type of discomfort resolves in its own within a day or two, there are times when the discomfort and resulting limitations on daily activities become too much to bear.

Back pain that is particularly serious in nature or fails to show improvement after several days may be indicative of a more significant concern requiring medical intervention.

Though some may find relief through exercise, injections, pharmaceutical medications and the like, there are a substantial number of cases in which surgical intervention is needed in order to obtain real and lasting relief.

When back pain becomes an onerous burden and reduces quality of life in a measurable way, a Tampa Bay, TrinityPinellas CountyClearwaterSt Petersburg, Florida, Tarpon Springs, Wesley Chapel, Dunedin, New Port Richey, Holiday, Keystone, or Odessa spine surgeon will work to provide the solutions patients need and deserve.

Because such a wide range of issues may be responsible for any given case of back pain, it is important for patients to receive an accurate diagnosis before treatment options are considered.

Discomfort can be the result of injury to the ligaments, discs, muscles, joints or a combination thereof, and a determination of precisely what is occurring helps surgeons plan an effective course of action. Some of the most commonly confronted spinal conditions undertaken by surgeons include:

Though a relatively small portion, perhaps 5 percent to 10 percent, of back pain sufferers truly need surgery, interventions of this type can prove invaluable for those afflicted individuals, allowing them to resume the lifestyle they may have believed was gone forever.

While most patients have an interest in seeking the least invasive treatment possible for back discomfort, it is important for them to explore all available options in conjunction with their doctor. Depending on the specific diagnosis received in a particular case, there may be multiple treatments from which to choose.

Whether conventional surgery, minimally invasive procedures, pain management techniques, or entirely non-invasive methods are deemed appropriate, a skilled Tampa Bay spine surgeon will be able to explain the risks and benefits of treatments such as:

Full service rehab

We have a full service rehab department, which includes physical therapy, chiropractic care, decompression therapy, and even nutrition services!

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Pain management

Dr. Saldin performs facet joint injections, epidural steroid injections, radiofrequency rhizotomy, neuro ablation and spinal cord stimulator implants.

Spine surgery

We perform minimally invasive spine surgery, like microscopic disectomy, endoscopic disectomy, MEND (Minimally-Invasive-Endoscopic-Discectomy), scoliosis correction and reconstructive surgery.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Patient education

We’re committed to giving you all the information you need to make an informed and confident decision. That’s why we offer a wide array of resources!

Info on the MEND procedure

Selecting a Spine Surgeon

Spine Surgeon

Those who actively seek surgical options for unrelenting back pain frequently feel a real sense of urgency regarding their efforts. Given the delicate and critical nature of the spine, however, it is essential for prospective patients to exercise care and diligence as they select their treating professional.

Back pain sufferers should always look for a surgeon who is ready and willing to educate about their diagnosis and the entire range of therapeutic options. Such an individual will assist patients in making the informed decisions that can be pivotal to their future health and mobility.

It is also wise for prospective patients to assess how much of any individual surgeon’s practice is dedicated to treating this complex, distinctive area of the body. Specialists in spinal procedures are almost certain to possess greater expertise and state-of-the-art technical skill than a surgeon who provides such treatments only sporadically. Ultimately, patients contemplating any type of spinal procedure need to have the utmost confidence in the physician to whom they will entrust their well-being.

Back pain patients should also inquire as to the pros and cons of any potential procedure, as well as the logistical aspects of the treatment itself.

Because certain protocols may require greater recovery periods than others or cause more significant, albeit temporary, restrictions on activity, it is wise to investigate every available angle prior to moving forward, making certain the chosen treatment is compatible with patient schedules and responsibilities.

How a Tampa Bay Spine Surgeon Can Help

It is indisputable that severe, chronic back pain can transform everyday life into a never-ending series of grueling challenges. Many would likely view back surgery as a remedy of last resort, but for those whose ongoing discomfort has reached intolerable levels, it can, in fact, be a welcome ray of hope.

Countless individuals have achieved the enduring relief and physical freedom that had eluded them for so very long.

If you are among those who have lost your zest for life due to excruciating back pain, a spinal surgeon in Tampa Bay or Pinellas County stands prepared to help. Armed with a comprehensive diagnosis of your specific issues and needs, an experienced surgeon will put a personalized treatment plan into place so that you can go back to living on your own terms.

To learn more about the minimally invasive surgical treatments and other therapeutic options we provide, we invite you to contact us today.


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