Wesley Chapel Vertebroplasty

Spinal compression fractures cause pain and loss of mobility. Once a vertebra collapses, it changes from rectangular to flat, causing considerable pain. Should more than one vertebra collapse, the back may develop a “dowager’s hump,” or you may experience height loss.

For those in Wesley Chapel, vertebroplasty, a procedure allowing stabilization of the spinal compression fracture is an option. This surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, making it an attractive option. A well-versed doctor could determine whether your condition is suitable for this surgery.

When Vertebroplasty is Considered

Vertebroplasty is not the initial treatment for most spinal fractures in Wesley Chapel. It may only be considered if the patient does not respond to bed rest, physical therapy, muscle relaxants, bone strengthening drugs, back bracing, or other more conservative treatment. This procedure is best suited for people in chronic pain whose quality of life and ability to conduct basic tasks is severely affected by the injury.

A doctor performs vertebroplasty by injecting bone cement into the broken bones. During the procedure, the doctor guides the needle containing the bone cement via fluoroscopy, a type of real-time X-ray. Once the cement hardens, the fractures are stabilized and the procedure is finished.

Considerations for Patients in Wesley Chapel

The most common cause of vertebral fracture is osteoporosis, a bone disease resulting in weak, easily broken bones. In the worst cases of osteoporosis, a simple movement can cause a bone to break.

Most patients will go through vertebroplasty with no issues, but as with any procedures, there are always risks and potential side effects. With vertebroplasty, these include:

  • Fever
  • Hemorrhaging
  • Infection
  • Nerve root irritation

In some cases, a nearby bone may break during the procedure. This is notably true of the ribs. It is also possible that the cement may leak outside of the bone prior to hardening.

Patients taking blood-thinning medications are not recommended to undergo vertebroplasty without if their doctor has not substituted another type of medication temporarily under after the operation. For more information about who qualifies for vertebroplasty in Wesley Chapel, it may be helpful to consult an experienced doctor.

Recovery from the Procedure

After the procedure, which is performed under either sedation or general anesthesia, the patient must lie on their back for approximately one hour while the cement hardens. If any issues develop during this time, the doctor could address it.

The patient could then go home that day and may need to stay in bed for 24 hours or so. While most patients obtain immediate pain relief, such relief may not occur for two or three days for some patients.

Let a Wesley Chapel Vertebroplasty Doctor Help

Once the doctor determines the exact location and nature of the fracture, they could determine whether vertebroplasty is an option. If you or a loved one has suffered a spinal fracture, you need the services of an adept doctor. Call today to learn more about Wesley Chapel vertebroplasty. A doctor could explain the procedure in detail so you could decide whether it is the right option for you.