Tarpon Springs Spine Injection Treatments

If your back pain has not responded to conservative treatment, your next step is not necessarily surgery. Instead, spine injection treatments can relieve pain for long periods – often for several months – without the need for surgery. Most patients may undergo this minimally invasive procedure up to three times per year.

If a herniated or degenerative disc, spinal stenosis, or other back issue is affecting your mobility and quality of life, spine injection treatments may help. A Tarpon Springs spine injection treatment doctor can ease your pain and allow you to move normally once more.

How Do Spine Injection Treatments Work?

Corticosteroids, powerful, long-term anti-inflammatory drugs mix with a local anesthetic to make up the spine injection. The anti-inflammatory medication reduces swelling of the nerves to provide pain relief.

Tarpon Springs spine injection treatments are nearly always done in conjunction with an exercise regimen prescribed by the doctor to improve spinal stability and mobility.

How Do Doctors Administer Spine Injection Treatments?

A doctor performs a spine injection guided by fluoroscopy, a type of X-ray providing real-time images of the spine so that the needle goes to the right location. Prior to the medication injection, the doctor injects contrast so they can ensure the liquid is going to the correct place. If that is not the case, they reinsert needle and inject more dye until the right flow occurs.


In addition to therapeutic uses, spine injections are also for diagnostic purposes. If a doctor injects an area suspected of causing back pain and the pain subsides, that indicates the diagnosis is correct. By the same token, if a doctor injects an area suspected of causing pain and the patient does not feel relief, that area is likely not the cause of person’s back pain.


Patients taking blood thinners must stop taking these medications at least a couple weeks prior to the spine injection. Make sure to tell the doctor about any medications or supplements taken, as some have blood thinning properties even if they are not blood thinners. The doctor will provide information about spine injection preparation, but in general, patients should not eat or drink for eight hours prior to the procedure, with the exception of small sips of water needed to take necessary medication, such as that for high blood pressure.

Tarpon Springs spine injection treatments are generally done on an outpatient basis. Due to the precision necessary for a spine injection, patients cannot move during the process. Other than light pressure during the needle’s insertion spine injection treatments are rarely painful.

Since the spine injection contains a local anesthetic most patients will not feel pain for several hours after the procedure. However, once that local anesthetic wears off, expect the pain to return. It can take the steroid several days to relieve the pain associated with the back issue. Once home after the injection rest for the remainder of the day and do not go into work until the following day. Placing an ice pack on the injection site can reduce potential swelling.

Contact a Tarpon Springs Spine Injection Treatment Doctor

No one should have to live with chronic back pain. If your back pain has not responded to conservative treatments, spinal injections may be able to help relieve your pain without surgery.

If you would like more information about Tarpon Springs spine injection treatments and whether they can ease your back pain, call a Tarpon Springs spine injection treatment doctor today and arrange a consultation.