Back Pain from a Car Accident

Car accidents are among the leading causes of back pain. Usually, it is obvious whether a victim’s back was injured, but this is not always the case. Back pain resulting from a motor vehicle accident may not occur for days after the accident or longer.

If you have any sort of back pain after a car accident, it could be a spinal cord injury. Visit a Tampa Bay spine surgeon as soon as possible for an accurate diagnosis. Not only will an examination set you up for proper treatment, but it is necessary if you are considering legal action against the at-fault driver.

Common Back Injuries from Car Accidents

The type of back injury a patient incurs depends on the type of crash they are involved in. A seatbelt may save the life of an automobile accident victim but can also contribute to a back injury. The most common types of back injuries resulting from car accidents include:

Fractures – Car accidents often cause lower and middle back compression fractures. A seatbelt holds the lower portion of the body firm while the upper part is thrown forward violently, resulting in broken vertebrae. The pain is severe.

Herniated Disc – The force of a car accident can cause a disc to herniate. The role of a disc is absorbing spinal impact, so the impact can cause the gel-like center of a disc to exit through any cracks in the hard outer part. The herniated material comes into contact and irritates the nearby nerves. Symptoms can include pain in the leg or arm.

Soft Tissue Injuries – While less serious than fractures, soft tissue injuries can cause considerable back pain.

Spinal Cord Injuries – Motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of spinal cord injuries, according to the renowned Mayo Clinic. Victims with an “incomplete” spinal cord injury may retain motor functions, but it can take weeks to determine the injury’s extent.

Spondylolisithesis – Trauma from the impact may cause this injury, which involves the fracture of the spine’s supporting elements. Without prompt medical treatment, the patient may lose neurological function.

Whiplash – Most often results from rear-end collisions. The impact rapidly forces the head back and forth. Pain from whiplash may not occur for a day or so post-accident. Symptoms include neck pain, headache, vision problems, and dizziness.

When you experience trauma , your body reacts by realizing adrenaline. This hormone provides painkilling properties in dangerous situations. That is why some people think they have suffered only a few bumps and bruises after an accident when in reality they are seriously injured. The effect adrenaline has on a victim’s body  may not wear off for a while.

When it subsides, however, the crash victim begins to feel the pain associated with the injuries they sustained but were previously unaware of.

How a Tampa Bay Spine Surgeon Can Help

We specialize in back injuries resulting from car accidents. After a thorough examination and diagnosis, we can devise the best treatment for the injury and for pain relief.

Along with X-rays, we perform MRIs on clients to get to the root of their back pain. Some patients may require surgery to relieve pain and get back on their feet, while others will recover with more conservative treatment.

If you suffer back pain from a car accident, contact an experienced Tampa Bay spine surgeon to help you make the right treatment decision.