Pinellas County Neck Pain Doctor

A figurative pain in the neck is a major annoyance. A literal pain in the neck is worse. A real pain in the neck may result in time off work, the inability to perform common tasks, and even an inability to drive your car.

If you suffer from neck pain, a Pinellas County neck pain doctor will diagnose and treat you and help you get back to normal. Contact a skilled doctor right away for a consultation.

Common Neck Pain Causes

Neck pain results from various causes. The most common is muscular strain. Other causes of neck pain include:

  • Arthritis
  • Degenerated disks
  • Herniated disks
  • Infection
  • Joint abnormalities
  • Whiplash

Typical Neck Pain Symptoms

Neck pain symptoms often extend beyond pain and stiffness in the neck. They may include:

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Numbness
  • Shoulder and/or arm pain
  • Tingling
  • Weakness

Neck Pain Prevention

While not all types of neck pain is preventable, such as pain resulting from accidents, there are ways to avoid the common muscle strains associated with neck pain. Modern life offers far too many neck pain triggers, including sitting in front of computers for hours on end, constantly texting, or watching TV in a less than optimal position.

There are ways to prevent neck pain or minimize it development. Ask the doctor about orthopedic pillows to keep the cervical spine – the neck- in the right alignment. If possible, sleep on the back. Simple neck exercises performed several times daily at the desk can reduce neck pain risks. Lower the odds of developing neck pain by keeping the computer monitor at eye level, so it is not necessary to look down while working. If using a laptop, try connecting it to an eye-level monitor whenever possible.

Rather than speak on the cellphone per se, use a headset. This avoids the neck strain common in people who use their necks to cradle their phones. Another tip: Balance out anything carried. This especially applies to women, who are more likely to suffer from neck pain than men. Do not carry a purse on the same shoulder all of the time, but alternate shoulders. This evens out pressure on the neck.

How a Pinellas County Neck Pain Doctor Can Help

A Pinellas County neck pain doctor performs a physical examination on patients, along with the taking of an extensive medical history and diagnostic testing. Diagnostic testing for neck pain includes X-rays, CAT scans, and MRIs. Blood testing is also done in case infection is the culprit behind the neck pain. Many cases of neck pain resolve within a few weeks with conservative treatment. This includes neck exercises, over-the-counter pain medications or a pain patch, prescription muscle relaxants and massage.

If the pain does not subside within a few months, steroid injections into the affected area may offer long-term relief. So can more advanced physical therapy, which may require the use of prescription pain medication for the patient to start the regimen. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy harnesses mild electric current to provide pain relief.

Since neck pain often recurs, the doctor will recommend exercises aimed at preventing such recurrence. If you suffer from neck pain, call a Pinellas County neck pain doctor today to make an appointment for an examination.