Pinellas County Spine Fracture Stabilization Doctor

Spine fractures are typically associated with breaks caused by some type of trauma, such as a car accident. However, many people suffer spinal fractures during everyday tasks. These can occur if someone moves move or bends incorrectly. These types of spine fractures frequently occur to people who have osteoporosis, or brittle bones.

A Pinellas County spine fracture stabilization doctor could help rebalance the spine after a fracture. With the help of a compassionate and knowledgeable doctor, you could experience pain relief and restored mobility.

Types of Spinal Fractures

Falling and motor vehicle accidents can result in spinal fractures. These trauma-related incidents can be extremely dangerous and may require emergency medical attention, as well as additional medical attention in the form of surgery or physical therapy.

Another common form of spine fractures is called compression fractures. These occur when a piece of spinal bone, or vertebrae, collapses. These usually collapse in the lower or middle part of the spine. The most common form of compression fracture is the wedge, which happens when the front portion of the bone collapses, but the rear does not. A multiple compression fracture occurs when more than one vertebrae collapses. Fractures resulting from osteoporosis most often occur in the spine, hip or wrist.

Who Is At Risk for a Fracture?

Anyone can suffer from a spine fracture, but certain individuals are more vulnerable than others. Those at greater risk for spine fractures include:

  • Menopausal women
  • Cancer patients
  • Patients with a history of long-term corticosteroid use

White and Asian women with petite frames are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis and thus are at the highest risk of developing a spine fracture. However, anyone who suffers from osteoporosis is at a risk for a spine fracture, especially a compression fracture.

Finally, people who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents may have experienced a spinal fracture. Anyone who suspects they may have experienced a spine fracture should seek out medical treatment under a Pinellas County spine fracture stabilization doctor.

Spine Fracture Symptoms

It is possible to suffer from a spinal fracture without being aware, especially in the cases of a gradual compression fracture. Symptoms of spine fractures include:

  • Sudden back pain
  • Loss of spinal mobility
  • Loss of height over time
  • Tingling or weakness in the legs and arms
  • Back deformity development

One may be suffering from a compression spinal fracture if they are experiencing sudden onsets of back pain. Laying on the back may provide temporary relief, but the pain may worsen when walking or standing.

What Treatments a Doctor in Pinellas County Could Provide

If a spine fracture has been suspected, a spine fracture stabilization doctor in Pinellas County may be able to provide a definite diagnosis. Using a variety of tests, including X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs, a physician may be able to discover where damage has occurred and to what extent.

Conservative treatment, including rest, hot or cold therapy, and pain medication may provide some individuals with the relief they seek. More in-depth treatment may be recommended in certain cases.

For example, the patient may be asked to wear a brace for back support. A brace works to prevent the patient from leaning forward, removing pressure from the broken vertebrae. When coupled with certain exercises or physical therapy, this procedure could alleviate the problems.

A spine fracture stabilization doctor may prescribe medication to be taken with treatments. Patients with osteoporosis may need help strengthening bones to prevent more fractures. Vitamin D and calcium supplements may be recommended as well, provided the correct dosage is taken under a doctor’s recommendation.

For some patients, spine surgery is recommended. One common type of surgery to stabilize the spine after fracture is vertebroplasty, in which a catheter is inserted into the compressed vertebrae, and bone cement is injected. Once it hardens, the vertebrae is stabilized. After vertebroplasty, patients may have to undergo several weeks of physical therapy to help prevent re-injury.

Speak with a Pinellas County Spine Fracture Stabilization Doctor

Those who have suffered from a spinal injury may need medication, surgery, or physical therapy to help them heal. Seeking out an experienced Pinellas County spine fracture stabilization doctor can provide insight into how to proceed following an injury. Call the office today and arrange an appointment to speak with a medical professional.