Pinellas County Trigger Point Injection Doctor

Trigger points are painful muscle knots that you may feel underneath your skin. Though common, these painful spots could make everyday tasks difficult, or even impossible. Although trigger points could improve with physical therapy, pain may persist and continue to impact your life. If your muscle pain has not responded to conservative treatment, a Pinellas County trigger point injection doctor could provide relief.

A simple trigger point injection procedure may bring relief to your pain. After the procedure, you may feel relief within a few hours or days. If trigger point pain continues to disrupt your life, a spinal treatment doctor could work with you to quickly mitigate your discomfort and discuss other potential treatments.

What Is A Trigger Point Injection?

Trigger points, which may range from small to walnut sized knots, occur because the affected muscle can no longer relax. These pain points often form in the lower back, legs, arms, shoulders, and neck.

Since the pain from trigger points radiates, people may experience pain in both the affected area and the surrounding muscles. After a thorough examination, discussion of symptoms, and physical manipulation, a trigger point doctor could diagnose a pain point and suggest methods to alleviate discomfort.

Trigger point injections primarily treat knots in large muscle groups. However, this is not the sole ailment that may benefit from the procedure. Other conditions that may respond well to trigger point injections include:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Migraines
  • Myofascial pain syndrome
  • Pelvic pain

Treating Trigger Spots With A Medical Injection

A trigger point injection is delivered directly to the pain source, typically with the patient either sitting up or lying down. Since the procedure consists solely of an injection, the entire procedure takes just a few minutes from start to finish. It is not uncommon for a person to have several trigger points in need of injection, and a physician could treat all of pain spots in one session.

The injection itself contains a steroid and local anesthetic. The former provides the anti-inflammatory, while the latter is needed helps to numb the site. Sedation or any other type of local anesthetic is not necessary prior to the injection. Typically, patients may receive treatment relatively quickly after a Pinellas County trigger point injection doctor diagnoses a trigger spot.

There is no downtime required after a trigger point injection. The patient may return to home or work and resume normal activities. Trigger point injection doctors may even suggest light exercise after the procedure, as such movement aids in the medication’s spread throughout the muscle.

Who Should Seek A Pain Point Treatment?

Although trigger point injection procedure is very safe, it may not be the proper form of treatment for every individual. It may be valuable to consult with a trigger point inject doctor in Pinellas County regarding a specific concern before choosing how to proceed.

Pregnant women should not receive these injections, nor should people who are sick on the day of the procedure. Those with bleeding disorders and diabetes may be ineligible for trigger point injection. The same holds true for patients currently taking steroid medications.

Contact a Pinellas County Trigger Point Injection Physician

Painful trigger points can greatly disrupt your life. If in your arms and legs, you may struggle to work or complete your regular tasks. Those who experience pain in their backs may also face pain that is only exasperated by their daily activities.

By conducting a diagnosis and suggesting a course of care, a Pinellas County trigger point injection doctor could help provide the relief you want and need today. To learn how a trigger point injection could help alleviate your pain, speak with a dedicated medical professional today.