Pinellas County Car Accident Back Pain Doctor

Even a minor car accident could leave a driver or passenger with serious back pain. While back pain from a minor motor vehicle collision often results from strained ligaments and tendons or pulled muscles, it is generally important to have back pain resulting from any type of trauma checked out by a physician. A Pinellas County car accident back pain doctor could run diagnostic tests to help determine the cause of your back pain and appropriate treatments.

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How the Body Reacts to a Car Accident

Car accidents often occur randomly and there is typically no time for a person to brace themselves for the impact. One minute, they could be seated comfortably in a vehicle with their seatbelt on. The next, they may be violently affected by the crash, with the head, neck, and back jerking back and forth.

Most people think a low impact crash is not that bad and will not lead to serious injuries. However, even low impact crashes may have long-lasting consequences.

Whiplash, the most common injury occurring after a car crash, is most prevalent in low impact rear-end collisions. It is that violent back and forth motion – like the lash of the whip – that may damage ligaments, tendons, muscles and may cause neck and back pain.

Emergency Situations

Anyone seriously injured in an auto accident typically requires immediate medical attention. Most individuals who are injured in a car crash are taken via ambulance to the nearest emergency room for care. Some people who experience car accidents may feel they were not badly hurt and refuse medical attention at the scene, only to have back pain develop shortly thereafter. Anyone experiencing loss of bowel or bladder function, or loss of sensation in the legs, pelvic girdle, or elsewhere should seek medical help immediately.

Treatment Plans in Pinellas County

A Pinellas County car accident back pain doctor may perform a thorough medical examination and could take a medical history, along with details of the car accident. Patients should typically relay the type of pain they are experiencing – dull, aching, shooting – and what type of movements may worsen the discomfort. Diagnostic testing often may include X-rays, which could reveal fractures, and CT scans or MRIs, which could show soft tissue injuries.

A person with soft tissue injuries may recover with conservative treatment, which often includes hot and cold therapy, bracing, physical therapy or special exercises, massages, and the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen or naproxen for pain relief. The doctor may prescribe stronger medication to be taken over the short-term for those suffering from severe back pain. Some patients may require surgery to correct the issues causing the back pain. In some cases, minimally invasive surgery may prove appropriate, particularly with disc herniation caused by the impact. Other patients may require traditional open back surgery.

Speak with a Pinellas County Car Accident Back Pain Doctor

Regardless of the severity of the accident, you typically should seek treatment immediately after being involved in a car crash. Creating a thorough medical record could help you prepare for any potential insurance claims following an accident. To schedule an appointment, call a Pinellas County car accident back pain doctor today. They could work to treat your pain and create a record of your treatments to help you move forward.