Odessa Trigger Point Injection

If you suffer from multiple trigger points or myofascial pain syndrome, you know how painful and debilitating these and other related conditions can be. You may have tried multiple treatments or therapies with little or no success.

An Odessa trigger point injection may be successful in treating your symptoms, even when other attempts have failed. With a positive outcome from a trigger point injection, you may even be able to make better progress in physical therapy and joint mobilization. Reach out to an experienced doctor to find out if trigger point injections are right for you.

What is a Trigger Point?

Trigger points are commonly referred to as “knots” in a muscle. Patients often describe their trigger points as having micro-cramps, as these sensitive areas may involuntarily twitch when touched and can also trap or irritate nerves in the area, causing significant pain.

People who suffer from many of these knots at once may be diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome. People with myofascial pain syndrome find that their trigger spots occur as frequently as pimples and are common around injured areas. Trigger spots can cause back and neck pain as well as other complications, including notable impacts on mobility.

Trigger Point Injection Procedure

Trigger point injections may help alleviate this condition by inactivating trigger points, thereby providing quick relief of a patient’s symptoms. These injections often prove successful when other methods have failed.

The ideal patient for trigger point injections has a limited number of trigger points in appropriate areas for injection. The patient should lie down or be seated in a comfortable position, but patients with extreme anxiety or difficulty relaxing may want to assume a recumbent position.

The physician then uses various techniques to locate the patient’s trigger points. When one is located, the doctor cleans the skin with alcohol and inserts the needle about one or two centimeters away from the trigger point. Some patients may experience a sharp pain or intense twitching of the muscle when the needle makes contact with the trigger point.

Injecting the Medication

A small dose of an anesthetic or other medication are injected inside the trigger point. The physician then removes the needle from the muscle and leaves it in the fatty tissue. With the needle in this area, the physician manipulates it up and down and from side to side.

Pressure should be applied to the area once the needle is out. This procedure can be repeated in multiple trigger points.

Post-Injection Instructions

After a trigger point injection, patients in Odessa should rest the injected areas for a day or two. They should avoid strenuous activities until their post-injection muscle soreness resolves. At the same time, they should be using the affected muscle with a full range of motion and avoid holding it in a fixed and contracted position.

Stretching is important, as it helps muscles extend to their full length. Exercises that highlight target stretching, muscle strengthening, and conditioning are ideal after trigger point injections.

Get More Information on an Odessa Trigger Point Injection

If other treatments have not given you relief from your trigger points, it may be time to try something new. An Odessa trigger point injection may provide you with the relief you need. Call today to find out if you may be a candidate for a trigger point injection.