Odessa Spine Injection Treatments

Chronic back pain affects every aspect of your life. You may seek relief from non-invasive treatments, such as physical therapy, which do not alleviate the pain. If the idea of back surgery is somewhat overwhelming, spine injection treatments is another effective method to consider.

Odessa spine injection treatments are part of a holistic regimen for back pain relief, as well as diagnostic purposes. In the latter situation, spine injection treatments can pinpoint the exact source of your regional pain and whether it originates in the back, neck, legs or arms, and an Odessa spinal surgeon would be able to explain all potential options for your condition.

Spine Injection Treatments

Spine injection treatments are just one part of back patient therapy. Along with the injections, doctors generally prescribe an exercise or physical therapy regimen for maintaining and improving mobility and stability.

The injections include anti-inflammatory medications – including steroids – along with anesthetics to the indicated site. For diagnostic purposes, anesthetics alone are used.

For example, when an epidural spine injection is done for diagnostic rather than therapeutic purposes, it is often done on a specific nerve to determine a pain source. The physician knows immediately whether that nerve was the culprit because the patient either experiences quick relief or feels no change in their pain level.

Conditions Treated with Spine Injections

Different types of spine injection treatments are used in Odessa depending on the patient diagnosis. These types of injections and related conditions include:

Epidural injections – used for the treatment of nerve pain. Such pain may include “pinched nerves,” which cause considerable pain starting in the back and spread to a leg or arm.

Facet injections – used primarily in joints. These injections are often used on patients suffering from arthritis in the lower or middle back or the neck. Patients with pain resulting from injuries may also receive this type of spine treatment injections.

Sacroiliac injections – known as SI injections, these are similar to facet injections but are used in the sacroiliac joint. This joint connects the sacrum, the bone in the lower portion of the spine resembling a triangle, and the right and left iliac bones, which form the pelvis. Patients with SI issues experience pain in the lower back, upper leg and/or buttocks. Pain is generally felt on only one side of the body.

A less common procedure called provocation discography is used for pain diagnosis only. It is sometimes a procedure of last resort when all other diagnostic and pain relief efforts short of surgery have not worked. Provocation discography attempts to reproduce the pain and can make a situation worse. However, it is primarily done diagnostically prior to surgery.

Spinal Injection Administration

Physicians perform spinal injections guided by fluoroscopy, a type of X-ray using dye. As explained by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the dye is injected prior to the medication, so the doctor is certain the medication will flow to the correct place.

Should the dye not flow correctly, the needle is adjusted until the right flow occurs. Once the optimal flow pattern is achieved, the doctor injects the medication. They know the medication reached the target and this procedure lowers any risk of patient harm.

Working With A Spine Surgeon

If you have been suffering from ongoing back pain, you know the serious effect it has on your life. If you would like to learn more about Odessa spinal injection treatments, as well as other methods offering back pain relief, contact an Odessa spinal surgeon as soon as possible.