Odessa Spinal Cord Stimulation Doctor

If you suffer from chronic back pain, and prior treatments have offered no relief, you may be a candidate for spinal cord stimulation. Spinal cord stimulation could help you if back surgeries and other treatments have been unable to alleviate your pain.

Back pain can range from an inconvenience to a debilitating pain that prevents engaging in activities you enjoy, but a skilled doctor may be able to help. If you are still suffering, an Odessa spinal cord stimulation doctor could help to provide the relief you have long sought.

Spinal Cord Stimulation

Spinal cord stimulation received FDA approval in 1989 to treat pain related to nerve damage. Commonly called neurostimulation, an implanted device sends mild electrical pulses that obstruct the brain from receiving pain messages. While a spinal cord stimulator is not designed to eradicate the pain source, it could effectively mask it. The device is surgically implanted near the spine.

Typically, those who experience failed back surgery syndrome could receive the treatment. However, spinal cord stimulation may help other conditions, including:

  • Chronic sciatica
  • Stump pain from amputation
  • Complex regional pain syndrome

Try This Treatment in Odessa

Patients undergo what is essentially a trial period before the device is permanently implanted. During this period, wires are inserted internally while an external device worn on a belt sends the electrical pulses. The trial period generally lasts about a week. During that time, the patient is encouraged to document pain and any relief so an Odessa spinal cord stimulation doctor can determine whether the device could be a permanent solution. Generally, if the patient reports their pain has been mitigated by at least 50 percent, a permanent spinal cord stimulation implant is considered.

Stimulators are powered in two ways. A rechargeable battery may last a decade but requires daily recharging by the patient. A non-rechargeable battery requires surgical replacement every two to five years.

Who Should Consider This Procedure?

This implant is not right for everyone. Based on an individual’s medical history, an Odessa spinal cord stimulation doctor could help determine the ideal treatment option.

Individuals with an infection at the implantation site should not have the surgery, nor should those who require a cardiac pacemaker. Anyone dealing with substance abuse issues, psychiatric disorders that may affect back pain, and bleeding disorders, also should not receive a spinal cord stimulator. Those who experience chronic back pain should consider speaking with a medical professional to discuss whether a spinal cord stimulation device could provide relief to them.

Receiving a Device

Following a review of an individual’s medical history, an Odessa spinal cord stimulation doctor could determine whether an individual should consider the device. Typically, spinal cord stimulation is recommended for those who have not or potentially would not benefit from another type of back surgery.

If someone is found to be eligible, the trial period includes inserting a needle between the spinal cord and bone. Wires are placed over specific nerves to receive proper feedback and the patient receives care instructions for the simulator.

Following this period, the patient should consult with their Odessa spinal cord stimulation doctor to decide what is the next step. Depending on the implant’s effect on pain, this could impact the decision to remove the wires or proceed with installation of the stimulator. The installation procedure typically lasts one to two hours. Recovery may take four to six weeks, during which a medical professional may limit physical activities. Additional physical therapy may also be recommended.

Let an Odessa Spinal Cord Stimulation Physician Help

Battling chronic back pain can be stressful, especially if you have tried to seek relief without success. For those who find themselves in this situation, there is a chance for relief. Spinal cord stimulation could provide the solution you seek.

For more information and to determine whether you may be a potential candidate, schedule a consultation with an experienced Odessa spinal cord stimulation doctor.