Tampa Bay Scoliosis Correction Doctor

Scoliosis is often associated with children. However, adults can suffer from the disease as well. Though treatment may never extend beyond regular doctor visits, if a case persists or worsens, individuals can and should seek treatment.

Some cases may require braces, while more a serious curvature could potentially need surgery to correct. With the help of a Tampa Bay scoliosis correction doctor, you or your child could receive treatment for spinal curvature to relieve the pain associated with the disorder and pave the way to healing. Contact an experienced doctor for more information.

When is Scoliosis Correction Needed?

Spinal curvature caused by scoliosis typically manifests as a single curve to the left or right, resembling a “C”, or a double curve that resembles an “S”.

No matter how it presents, there are numerous factors that could be an underlying cause of scoliosis. These include:

  • Birth defects
  • Sustained injuries
  • Infections, both in childhood and later life
  • Hereditary factors
  • Tumors

Prior to corrective treatment, a doctor may check the severity of spinal curvature and examine medical history to find any potential cause. In addition to X-rays, a Tampa Bay scoliosis correction doctor may employ other imaging procedures such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT) scans to learn more about the curvature. This information could help determine the best course of treatment for a particular case. If correction is the chosen path, there are a number of options to consider.

Brace Correction for Scoliosis

Braces are recommended for adults and growing children with curvatures between 25 to 40 degrees. Although the use of a brace does not cure or reverse spinal curvature, it can prevent the curve’s progression. For those with smaller curvature, this could prove to be sufficient treatment.

Children may discontinue brace use after their spines finish growing. This is usually indicated by two years of menstruation in women, body hair growth in men, or no more changes in height.

Braces are typically made of plastic and fit around the body. They are unworn beneath the arms and secure the lower back, hips, and rib cage. Typically, increased usage could lead to greater effectiveness.

Surgical Solutions in Tampa Bay

Scoliosis correction surgery is recommended for those with curvatures over 50 degrees, or children unresponsive to braces. Although scoliosis rarely progresses past 40 degrees in adults, surgery could be beneficial if the condition causes neurological problems, pain, or other symptoms.

The most common scoliosis corrective procedure involves locating the bone causing the curve, fusing it to surrounding bones, and inserting support structures. This procedure is called spinal fusion.

The tiny bones that make up the spinal column are called vertebrae. Once the damaged vertebrae have been connected to the surrounding bone, a scoliosis correction doctor may introduce new bone, or bone cement, between the vertebrae to fully fuse them. After this fusion, the multiple vertebrae form a single bone, which can restore spinal stability and prevent further curvature.

Scoliosis correction doctors in Tampa Bay could then attach metal rods, screws, wires, or hooks to the spine to hold the bone material together as new vertebrae fuse and the patient heals.

Talk to a Scoliosis Correction Doctor in Tampa Bay

If you think you or your child may be experiencing scoliosis, it is important to consult with a doctor. They could provide a diagnosis and help determine what the best treatment options may be.

An experienced Tampa Bay scoliosis correction doctor could provide further insight into what may be the best care option. Contact the offices today to schedule an initial consultation.