Risks from Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Minimally invasive spine surgery can produce a variety of risks. There is always a risk of infection, neurologic complication, reinjury, reproducing specific pain that was not there prior to surgery, and a handful of others. Knowing the potential risks involved is important in any sort of surgical procedure.

However, for most of these serious complications, there is a very low risk. Consult with a surgeon to better understand any risks associated with your minimally invasive spine surgery.

Likeliness of Complications

If a number of factors are kept in constant focus, most notably patient selection, there should be a very low risk of complications from a minimally invasive spine surgery. One of the most crucial criteria when it comes to determining the outcome of surgery is selecting the right patient. Knowing that the patient is being selected for the right surgical procedure goes a long way in determining if there will be any risk, or if there will be a positive outcome.

Things like the rate of infection in minimally invasive spine surgery is very low for a number of factors. Most facilities have very high standards, and when performing such serious surgeries will employ a variety of risk preventing measures to ensure the patient recovers correctly. For example, many facilities will use water to control any bleeding that occurs during surgery. This lowers the risk of infection because there is water constantly flushing throughout the area during the entire surgery. This method seriously limits the risk of infection.

Factors to Note

It is important for an individual to note that just because there are risks associated with minimally invasive spine surgery, that it does not mean that surgery is not a good option or will not lead to a successful outcome on their behalf. ¬†Ultimately, it is the patient’s choice as to whether or not they are going to undergo the recommended surgery.

It is important for an individual to weigh their options when determining whether or not to go through with surgery, and to decide whether the potential risks of minimally invasive spine surgery will be worth the reward. For most patients who choose to have surgery, however, the risks are worth the benefit. These individuals are finally able to live symptom-free.

All spine surgeons can agree that pain is a big problem, and that back pain is one of the most common ailments that people have in the United States. Many individuals will miss work due to low back pain more than any other health problem other than the common cold. The treatment of back pain can become incredibly expensive, and many individuals are looking for a solution to permanently rid themselves of such an ailment.

Moving Forward with Surgery

It is commonly known that individuals who are in severe pain are willing to do whatever it takes to relieve themselves of that pain. Although there are a handful of risks associated with minimally invasive spine surgery, it is important that an individual do what is right for their body, and listen to their doctor’s recommendations before moving forward with such a procedure.