Microscopic Discectomy Follow Up Appointments

Follow up appointments are necessary for the proper postoperative care of a microscopic discectomy. The purpose of follow up appointments is to make sure that a trained physician is able to evaluate the patient’s current state. That includes things like being able to check the incision is healing properly by removing any wound dressings and checking for evidence of infection. The doctor wants to make sure that the patient is healing in the expected way along an expected and normal schedule.

There is generally two to three microscopic discectomy follow up appointments with the physician. However, if the patient is reporting a specific problem in which case they are encouraged to come in right away.

Procedure Based Follow Up Care

A microscopic discectomy is relatively less complicated than some of the other surgeries that were performed to remedy the same type of symptoms. One of the major things to guard against for a microscopic discectomy, is any kind of blood related issues, such as blood clotting or deep vein thrombosis. Blood related problems can very risky complications following surgery. Sometimes certain diagnostic tests are performed to ensure the patient is not developing any serious symptoms or serious complications.

Many types of issues are considered to be potentially relating to the surgery within the first 90 days post operation. Typically those two to three visits will be enough to make sure that the patient is healing properly. However, that does not take into account physical therapy appointments.

Questions to Ask

A vital part of microscopic discectomy follow up appointments is when the patient asks any questions they have. You as the patient have a responsibility in the doctor-patient relationship to ask questions and be educated, because the physician, associate staff, as well as any of the nurses or scheduling folks tend to take the facts and follow up care for granted because they do this every day.

Surgery can be very concerning for a patient, but surgeons and their staff deal with it all the time and may not realize the questions or concerns you have. For some patients, this may be the first time they have ever had any type of surgery. For others, this could be the first time they have had anything that is this serious. As such, the questions that get asked most frequently are about what their lives will look like right after surgery.

Most commonly, people want to know when they can return to work, as well as when can they return to normal activities of daily living.

A Surgeon’s Advice

Ask any questions you need answered during the microscopic discectomy follow up appointments. It is very important that the patient seek the advice of a licensed physician and not do their own research on the internet or ask other people what their experiences were anecdotally. If the patient trusts the surgeon for preoperative care, such as following recommending therapies or treatment prior to surgery and going into surgery, it is very important to follow the advice of the physician during the postoperative period, as well. Following their advice can help make sure that they have a speedy recovery and do not face any major complications.