Keystone Neck Injury Doctor

Whether they stem from bad posture or an accident, neck injuries can cause enough pain and discomfort to significantly impact your life. Although neck pain can often be treated with simple at-home treatments, consulting with a Keystone neck injury doctor first is important.

An experienced medical practitioner can work with you to ensure you receive the proper care for long-term recovery. Call today to set up a consultation to determine the cause of your neck pain and develop an effective treatment plan.

Initial Treatment in Keystone

Regardless of whether a patient approaches a specialized doctor or general practitioner, they are going to begin by asking questions pertaining to the problem to get a better idea of how it arose, the pain the patient is experiencing, and how it is impacting their life. They may ask about:

  • How long the patient has been experiencing neck pain
  • How the pain impacts their daily activities
  • What makes the pain better
  • Where they feel the pain

A Keystone neck injury doctor may recommend that a patient sees a physical therapist who can design a special neck-care program that is tailored to their needs, using their answers to the above questions as a guide. However, before designing this program, they will also conduct a physical evaluation.

Neck Injury Evaluation

Evaluations are designed to examine a person’s posture through observation, with a focus on imbalances in specific regions of their cervical (neck) spine. Such imbalances can put pressure on nerves, joints, and muscles.

Afterwards, a Keystone neck injury doctor can check their range of motion to determine how far they can extend their neck in different directions. While both evaluations are the standard in the medical field, what happens afterwards depends on what the neck injury doctor finds from them. They might have a patient take specialized tests such as:

  • A neurological exam to test neck nerve health
  • Examination of the thoracic spine for problematic muscles and joints
  • Test of the thoracic outlet to find any nerves and vessels creating pain and numbness

Neck Pain Treatments

Treating neck pain is a multi-faceted process that often begins with physical therapy in combination with heating pads, ice, and anti-inflammatory medications. Treatment plans also emphasize an understanding of how the injury happened and in preventative measures to prevent it from happening again. These measures can be anything from investing in an ergonomic chair to conducting strength conditioning exercises.

For the more severe injuries, specialized treatments or surgery might be necessary. Examples include:

  • Ultrasound therapy to direct high-frequency sound waves toward sore areas to generate heat within deep tissues
  • Acupuncture to provide relief from inflammation and pain
  • Therapeutic spinal injections to facilitate self-care therapy
  • Cervical spine surgery to heal intervertebral discs and ease nerve pressure

Given that neck pain has so many potential causes, a treatment plan will be shaped by the unique factors that led to the injury. With the guidance of a medical professional who understands the complexities of a neck injury, a patient may be able to use several methods of treatment to find relief.

Consult with a Keystone Neck Injury Doctor Today

If you are struggling with neck pain, do not just assume it will go away. It is important to seek the treatment you need so that your injury will heal and will not worsen over time. Call today to speak with a Keystone neck injury doctor who can help you.