Holiday Neck Injury Doctor

Neck pain can be rooted in many different bodily dysfunctions, include problems with your nerves, muscles, bones, discs, and joints. However, regardless of the cause of the pain, it is important to visit a doctor to receive the appropriate treatment.

If you are suffering from persistent neck problems, visit a Holiday neck injury doctor. A skilled spine surgeon could work with you to address your pain and determine the exact cause and appropriate treatment.

What Causes Neck Injuries?

Just as there are different factors contributing to neck injuries at the biological level, there are many common activities that can cause it. These include:

  • Lifting objects with poor posture
  • Improper exercise routines
  • Sleeping in improper positions
  • Poor posture while reading or watching TV
  • Positioning a computer monitor too low or too high

Severe injuries typically stem from medical conditions such as cervical arthritis or fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, and spinal fractures from osteoporosis. Ultimately, understanding the cause of persistent or severe pain requires examination by a medical professional.

Treating an Injury

The first thing to do when experiencing pain in the neck is to correct the habit that is likely to root cause. For example, if someone works in an office on the computer for most the day, doctors will help them learn techniques to practice better posture and keep an eye on the pain to see if it subsides. Other self-care treatments include:

  • Application of an ice pack to reduce inflammation
  • Application of heat to attract blood to the affected area and promote healing
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs like Advil or Tylenol
  • Massages to stimulate blood flow and promote healing.

If the pain persists for more than two to three days, visit a neck injury doctor. After asking a few questions, they will likely recommend self-care treatments. In cases of complicated or severe damage, a doctor will create a treatment plan that integrates neurologists, psychiatrists, physical therapists, and other medical professionals that can play a role in a person’s treatment.

How Neck Care Specialists Can Help Patients

Neck care specialists will examine a person’s physical health and ask them questions pertaining to their neck pain to determine the cause. If someone has a medical history that suggests a fracture, serve disorder or tumor, they might order X-rays, computed tomography (CT) scans, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), or blood tests.

If the pain is due to pinched nerves or muscle spasms, a doctor may prescribe a muscle relaxant, a more powerful pain reliever, and/or steroids to curb swelling. In instances of nerve damage, they will likely refer a person to a neurologist. After these initial steps, a patient may have to consider more advanced treatments, such as surgery.

Doctors generally try to resolve issues without surgery, however, when it is the only option, they may suggest a minimally invasive surgery. To determine whether this is the best course of action, speak with a Holiday neck injury doctor.

How a Holiday Neck Injury Doctor Can Help

If you are experiencing neck pain that is not subsiding and interfering with your daily comfort, call today to set up a consultation with a Holiday neck injury doctor. They can run diagnostic tests to determine the cause of pain and help develop a treatment plan that works for you. Call now to learn more.