Florida Spinal Cord Stimulation Doctor

Chronic back pain affects virtually every aspect of your life. It may prevent you from working, attending school, and spending quality time with your friends and family. If you have received various pain treatments with little relief, you may be ready for spinal cord stimulation.

When further back surgery is unlikely to make a difference in pain relief, considering consult a doctor about the potential for spinal cord stimulation surgery. A Florida spinal cord stimulation doctor could implement a trial device to determine if stimulation is an option for you. Depending on the results, a skilled spinal cord injury doctor could then place a permanent implant in your spine that may bring life-long pain relief.

How Does the Stimulator Work?

Spinal cord stimulation works by sending a low voltage electric current to the spinal cord. This prevents the spine from sending pain signals to the brain. Stopping the pain signal could relieve someone’s chronic back pain.

These devices are available in two types – devices with rechargeable batteries, and devices requiring battery replacement. Although a rechargeable battery will eventually require replacing, they often last ten years or more, but the battery must be recharged every day.

Trial Spine Stimulation Implant

The trial procedure involves implanting temporary leads in the body, which are connected to the trial stimulator. The stimulator is then programmed to accommodate a person’s level of pain. A lengthy trial period, which could last from a few days to several weeks, will determine if a permanent spinal cord stimulation is a viable option for alleviating a person’s back pain.

If the trial is successful, the spinal cord stimulation doctor in Florida may recommend a permanent implant. The stimulator, which is removable if necessary, is typically implanted in the buttocks or abdomen. However, a physician will determine the proper location based on the source of the patient’s pain. Most patients report they do not feel the device after the incision heals, although there is a small protrusion where the stimulator is located.

Who Should Seek Spinal Electrical Stimulation?

Certain back pain sufferers are not candidates for spinal cord stimulation. Before seeking any form of pain treatment, but especially before an invasive spinal implant, it is wise to fully disclose medical history with an experienced Florida spinal cord stimulation doctor. A doctor could then make a personalized recommendation for potential treatments and help patients know if spinal cord treatment may be an option.

People who may not benefit from spinal cord surgery may include patients:

  • Who are pregnant
  • With a pacemaker or defibrillator.
  • With substance abuse problems
  • With unresolved psychiatric issues
  • Currently on anticoagulant or antiplatelet therapy.

In addition to physical risk factors, there are also occupational risk factors. Spinal cord stimulation is not recommended for anyone who operates machinery or whose work involves climbing ladders or lifting heavy items.

Call a Florida Spinal Cord Stimulation Doctor

Long-term back pain does not need to a part of your daily life. You should be able to work, be with your family, and live your life free from constant back pain.

If you have tried other treatments without luck, a Florida spinal cord stimulation doctor may have the key to relief. Call today to arrange a consultation. The doctor can go over your medical history and determine whether spinal cord stimulation is a suitable treatment for you.