Florida Anterior Kyphoplasty Surgery

Osteoporosis commonly affects older people, and many will eventually develop vertebral compression fractures because of the disease. If you are diagnosed with a vertebral compression fracture and conservative treatments have been ineffective, you may be a candidate for a relatively new procedure known as anterior kyphoplasty surgery. Anterior kyphoplasty surgery could provide much-needed pain relief to Florida patients and help restore mobility. Reach out to a qualified spinal surgeon today to discuss your treatment options.

Vertebral Compression Fractures

Vertebral compression fractures occur when the bones collapse under pressure. It is possible for multiple vertebrae to fracture at once, which may lead to kyphosis, or a noticeable hump in the spine. The colloquial term for this condition is “dowager’s hump.”

Symptoms include pain made worse by moving, but the pain from a vertebral compression fracture is not always severe. Some people may mistake their fracture for a simple backache.

The patients most commonly affected by vertebral compression fractures are older women. Approximately 25 percent of all postmenopausal women in the U.S. will eventually suffer a vertebral compression fracture, and those who already have are at increased risk for a second. Although osteoporosis is the most common cause, younger individuals could also experience a vertebral compression fracture from a fall or similar accident.

What is Kyphoplasty Surgery?

This minimally invasive procedure involves putting a catheter with a balloon into the collapsed vertebrae. The balloon is then slowly inflated to put the bone in the right position, and special surgical cement is then injected into the empty space.  This type of cement hardens almost instantly. Kyphoplasty keeps the fracture from worsening, and it also helps to restore lost height lost.

For best results, patients should undergo anterior kyphoplasty surgery within two months of the vertebral compression fracture, especially if it is important to them that height is restored.

Recovering After Surgery

Expect to spend at least one night in the hospital following anterior kyphoplasty surgery, although in some cases patients return home the same day. Patients can usually return to normal activities within several days, although strenuous activity and heavy lifting is not recommended for at least six weeks.

Side Effects

While anterior kyphoplasty surgery is generally a safe procedure, there are risks with any operation. Besides infection or bleeding at the incision site, there is the possibility of nerve damage or damage to the spinal cord. In a worst-case scenario, paralysis may result.

Rarely, the cement may leak out of the bone and head to another part of the body. If the cement comes into contact with a nerve, it can cause serious pain. This requires prompt removal of the leaked surgical cement.

Ask a Florida Doctor About Anterior Kyphoplasty Surgery

If you were diagnosed with a vertebral compression fracture that has not responded to conservative treatment, anterior kyphoplasty surgery from a qualified Florida surgeon may help your condition. Call today or reach out online to arrange a consultation. A qualified surgeon could examine you and determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure.