Florida Spine Injection Treatments

If conservative treatments for back pain do not work, you may have to go on to the next stage of treatment to find relief. While spinal fusion can relieve chronic back pain, some patients are candidates for a less invasive procedure called spine injection treatments. These injections may offer pain relief for several months and may be repeated.

A Florida spine injection treatment doctor can help ease your pain and get you back into the swing of things. An experienced spine surgeon can help you weigh the benefits of different treatment options, so you can make an informed decision.

Types of Spine Injection Treatments in Florida

The type of spine injection treatment in Florida a patient receives depends upon the location of the pain.

  • Epidural injections – pain beginning in the spine and branching out to an arm or leg is generally treated with an epidural injection
  • Facet joint –can relieve pain in the lower, middle and upper back
  • Sacroiliac injections – pain in the lower back, buttocks or leg may find relief via an injection into the sacroiliac joint between the pelvic bones
  • Selective nerve root block –used for diagnosis and therapeutic purposes

Any type of spine injection treatment is usually limited to three procedures annually, or one every four months. Because an anesthetic is given along with the injection, the procedure should not be painful. One caveat, an individual may feel pain-free after the procedure, but that is from the anesthetic, not the corticosteroid.

The anesthetic may wear off within a few hours and the pain may return. It may take up to a week before the medication provides significant pain reduction and patients should call the doctor if pain persists after this time.

How the Treatment Works

The medications involved in spine injections consist of the powerful anti-inflammatories known as corticosteroids. In combination with a local anesthetic, the corticosteroid provides pain relief by reduction of nerve swelling.

Spine injections are performed via fluoroscopy, a type of X-ray. When using fluoroscopy, the doctor can check they are sending the injection to the right site. With this method, the doctor injects a liquid dye into the needle.

This dye should head in the right direction, but if that is not the case, the doctor moves the needle and starts again. Once they find the proper area, the doctor injects the medication into the patient. The entire process usually takes less than 30 minutes.

Who This Treatment is Meant For

Not every person dealing with chronic back pain may be a candidate for spine injections treatments. Because the injections are done abdominally, those with a history of previous abdominal or back surgeries may not be suited for this procedure, neither are those with spinal deformities or those who are significantly above their ideal weight.

Patients diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension also may not be candidates for spine injection treatments until the medication has gotten these conditions under control. Anyone taking blood thinners must stop taking these drugs at least two weeks before undergoing Florida spine injection treatments.

Speak to a Spine Surgeon Today about Florida Spine Injection Treatments

If conservative treatments for your back pain have not worked, you may want to look into other options. If you think you may be a candidate for spine injection treatments, call today and set up an appointment.

A doctor can evaluate your condition and determine whether Florida spine injection treatments may resolve your pain. Even if you are not a candidate for spine injection treatments, they can help you find other options for pain relief.