Florida Disc Replacement Doctor

For six months or more, you have suffered from back pain due to a herniated or degenerated disc and conservative treatments such as exercise, over-the-counter pain medication, and hot and cold therapy did not provide relief. If this describes your situation, it may be time to try a different option.

A disc replacement may offer the pain relief and restored range of motion you desire. A Florida disc replacement doctor can help you find the relief you seek and allow you to live a normal, pain-free life. Contact a skilled doctor today to schedule a consultation.

Disc Problems

An individual seeking a disc replacement may experience issues with one or two discs, which have either herniated or degenerated. Herniated discs happen when the interior gel in the disc comes out through an opening in the hard, outer disc shell. If the herniated disc interferes with a nerve, severe back pain from the pinched nerve may occur.

Degenerated discs usually break down due to age and the subsequent pain occurs from wear and tear. Either herniation or degeneration may result not only in pain but also in weakness or numbness in the arms and legs.

Those with problems beyond two discs may not be candidates for disc replacement. However, another surgery, spinal fusion, may prove appropriate for these patients. Spinal fusion may relieve the pain but may not permit the range of motion found in disc replacement surgery.

Disc Replacement Procedure

This surgery may take about three hours and requires general anesthesia. The Florida disc replacement surgeon makes an incision in the patient’s abdomen, exposing the front of the spine. They then remove the damaged disc and insert the artificial one.

The artificial disc consists of two plates, made of metal, plastic, or both and they mimic the work of a healthy, natural disc. X-rays done via fluoroscopy confirm that the disc is correctly situated and then the surgeon closes the incision.

Recovery Process

Patients may have to stay in the hospital for a day or two after the surgery and should expect a recovery of at least a few weeks after disc replacement. A full return to strenuous activities could take up to three months. In the early days, individuals should avoid bending or making any twisting movements. The Florida disc replacement doctor gives patients a stretching and exercise regimen to aid in recuperation. Later, they will begin physical therapy. During the recovery process, the doctor may also perform an X-ray to check healing.

Disc Replacement Contraindications and Side Effects

Besides those who have multiple disc problems, there are other patients with issues that may contraindicate disc replacement. Those patients with serious arthritic conditions, spinal deformities, bone spurs, previous abdominal or spinal surgery, and limited mobility may not be good candidates for a disc replacement.

Overall, disc replacement is a relatively safe procedure, but there is a potential for complications and side effects in any operation. Such risks include:

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Anesthesia reaction
  • Nerve injury

There is also the possibility that the surgery may not relieve symptoms, although that outcome is an exception. However, some patients may find the procedure did not offer complete pain relief, although the discomfort level is significantly less than it was prior to the surgery.

Speak with a Florida Disc Replacement Doctor Today

If conservative treatments have not eased your chronic back pain, you may prove a candidate for disc replacement. Call today and make an appointment to speak with a Florida disc replacement doctor.

A doctor may take a medical history, conduct testing, and determine whether disc replacement is right for you. There is no need to live with pain and a compassionate doctor can help.