Florida Spine Surgeon

Next to the common cold, back pain results in the largest number of employee sick days. Many back issues are temporary in nature and resolve within a few weeks, while others result from more serious problems.

If you are suffering from back pain, a Florida spine surgeon can diagnose the pain source and inform you of your treatment options. Experienced spine surgeons can give you the necessary help you need.

Common Spinal Issues

Dozens of reasons for back pain exist, and pinpointing the exact cause requires professional help. If the back pain does not improve within a few days, it is time to seek the attention of a Florida spine surgeon. Here are some of the most common spinal issues and the type of pain involved:

  • Compression fractures – as people age, bones become less dense. This type of fracture occurs when a vertebrae collapses. Along with pain, tingling and weakness may occur
  • Herniated disk – spinal disks contain a soft center and harder outer shell. When the jelly-like inside ruptures through the hard exterior and presses on a nearby nerve, pain may occur in the back, leg, and arm
  • Pinched nerve – similar to a herniated disk, and refers to the actual pain from the affected nerve
  • Radiculopathy – nerve irritation, usually in the lower back or neck
  • Spinal stenosis – this narrowing of the spinal cord exerts pressure on the spine. In addition to pain, the patient may experience numbness and weakness
  • Spondylosis – this degenerative condition may cause nerve root pressure, resulting in pain along with “pins and needles” and weakness

Sometimes, infection or tumors may result in back pain. A Florida spine surgeon is able to diagnose these conditions via testing.

Common Back Treatments

Many patients respond well to conservative treatments, including over-the-counter pain medication and exercise. Patients experiencing more severe pain may benefit from steroid injections near the problem area, which relieve pain for weeks or months. The doctor may recommend physical therapy for certain patients.

Most patients will not require surgery for their back problems. For those that do need surgical intervention, minimally invasive surgery is often possible. Minimally invasive surgeries are done on an outpatient basis and there is less downtime than with standard surgical procedures.

Some patients will require standard surgery. The type of procedure depends on the spinal issue. Although a hospital stay is needed for most standard surgeries and the recovery period is somewhat longer, most patients have a good outcome and can eventually resume normal activities – activities they may not have participated in for a while because of their condition. In that sense, they get their life back.

How a Florida Spine Surgeon Can Help

A Florida spine surgeon conducts a physical evaluation and examination of each patient, along with taking a medical history. If necessary, various diagnostic procedures are performed. These may include:

  • X-rays
  • CT scans
  • MRIs

Once a Florida spine surgeon diagnoses the patient’s back or other issue, a treatment program begins.

Preventive maintenance is also important. Osteoporosis affects more than 44 million Americans, and older women are especially vulnerable. An early diagnosis allows the doctor to prescribe medication to treat the condition, lessening the odds of future bone fractures.

Contacting a Surgeon

If you are experiencing spine issues, contact a Florida spine surgeon today and make an appointment for an examination.