Microscopic Discectomy Follow Up Appointments

Follow up appointments are necessary for the proper postoperative care of a microscopic discectomy. Your physician will check to see if the incision is healing properly by removing any wound dressings and checking for evidence of infection. The doctor will want to make sure that you are healing in the expected way along an expected and normal schedule.

In addition, your physician will watch for blood related issues such as blood clotting or deep vein thrombosis. Blood related problems can very risky complications following surgery. Sometimes certain diagnostic tests are performed to ensure the patient is not developing any serious symptoms or serious complications.

There are generally two to three microscopic discectomy follow up appointments with the physician unless there is a problem that requires more.

Ask Questions at Follow Up Appointments

As the patient, you have a responsibility in the doctor-patient relationship to ask questions and be educated.

Surgery can be quite concerning. For some patients, this may be the first time they have ever had any type of surgery. For others, this could be the first time they have had anything that is this serious. Don’t assume the medical staff will tell you everything or anticipate your concerns. Be an advocate for your own health and be sure you ask all your questions, even if they seem basic.