Dunedin Spinal Cord Stimulation Doctor

You have tried all sorts of treatment for back pain, to no avail. Your quality of life is greatly affected and you cannot enjoy the activities that were once a high point of your life. Do not despair. You have options. One option is a device implanted under your skin, known as a spinal cord stimulator, which can stop pain message going from your spinal cord to your brain. A Dunedin spinal cord stimulation doctor can assess whether you are a candidate for this surgery and arrange a trial for you. Call and schedule an appointment for a medical consultation with a knowledgeable spinal cord injury physician today.

What Constitutes Spinal Cord Stimulation?

The spinal cord sends pain signals to the brain. However, if the pain message is blocked, the discomfort level is significantly reduced or eliminated. Instead of pain, many patients only feel a tingling sensation. That is the idea behind spinal cord stimulation. It is also a completely reversible procedure, so if the stimulation no longer works, it can be removed.

For this procedure, a spinal cord stimulator is placed beneath the skin surgically. The stimulator is roughly the size of a poker chip, and the patient can activate it via remote control. The device sends a current to the spinal cord that masks the pain signals going to the brain.

The patient must undergo two surgeries. The initial surgery is a trial, lasting between three and five days and serving two purposes. First, it will show how much pain reduction the patient will experience. Second, the patient can decide whether they can deal with the device.

While most patients can tolerate spinal cord stimulation, there are some people who find the sensation from the stimulator difficult to handle. If the pain diminishes considerably and the patient does not mind the stimulator, the permanent stimulator is installed after the trial period.

Candidates in Dunedin

Not everyone is a candidate for spinal cord stimulation. Patients who have pacemakers or other devices already implanted in their bodies are generally not spinal cord stimulator candidates.

Those diagnosed with major psychiatric disorders are also generally not a candidate. Likewise, patients dealing with substance abuse problems are not candidates either. If there is an infection at the implantation site, the patient must wait until the area is fully healed before undergoing the procedure. Contact a detail-oriented Dunedin spinal cord stimulation doctor for more information. They could review the factors surrounding a person’s back pain and medical condition and work to identify an appropriate course of treatment.

Treatment Options

The doctor determines how long each patient’s trial period lasts with the spinal cord stimulator. If the trial period is successful, the permanent device is implanted. The doctor will show the patient exactly how to use the remote control to use the spinal cord stimulator.

For example, some patients may experience more pain during certain activities, such as walking but not while seated. The doctor explains how to adjust current intensity so that particular pain severity is addressed.

Keep in mind that this is a treatment, not a cure, as the underlying issue causing pain still exists. However, while spinal cord stimulator may not completely eradicate pain, it should reduce pain by a considerable percentage.

Speak with a Dunedin Spinal Cord Stimulation Doctor

If conservative and more involved treatments for back pain have not worked, you may need the services of an experienced Dunedin spinal cord stimulation doctor. Call today and arrange an appointment. The doctor can explain the surgery and answer any question so you can make an informed decision about whether this procedure is right for you.