Broward County Trigger Point Injection

Many people live with long-term and continuing pain. If the chronic, painful knot in the muscle on your shoulder or neck will not respond to conservative therapies, you may be wondering if you will ever experience a pain-free life.

When massage, stretching, and other milder treatments fail to help, it may be time to consider a Broward County trigger point injection. Before the simple procedure, a skilled spinal care doctor could explain the process to you and help you make an informed decision about properly treat your pain. With the assistance of an understanding spinal surgery doctor, you could finally achieve relief you need for your ongoing pain.

Diagnosing Trigger Points in the Body

When a muscle cannot relax, a trigger point may form. The areas most affected by trigger points include:

  • Neck and shoulders
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Buttocks
  • Upper and lower back

To diagnosis a trigger point, a doctor will palpate the area causing pain. Typically, this results in the discovery of a bundle of muscle fibers that are harder than the surrounding muscles. When palpated, the trigger point may twitch.

Trigger points are either key or satellite. Key trigger points may cause pain in another muscle, referred to as the satellite trigger point. This symptom, known as referred pain, could occur in any area of the body. The muscles experiencing pain may not be near each other.

Using a Trigger Point Shot For Other Pain Conditions

While trigger point injections are most often performed for knotted muscles, an injection at the site of pain could provide relief for a variety of different ailments. Before seeking trigger point injections or any invasive medical treatment, it is important to consult a knowledgeable Broward County medical professional.

Patients experiencing migraines or myofascial pain may find that trigger point injections relieve their discomfort. A physician may need to conduct a thorough medical investigation before determining if an injection would help treat these conditions. By examining medical history fully, a doctor could help treat conditions beyond any back, spine, and muscle pain.

The Procedure of Receiving a Trigger Point Injection

The entire procedure to treat a trigger point through a shot typically takes a few minutes in the Broward County doctor’s office. During the procedure, a single injection containing a local anesthetic and a steroid is introduced into the muscle. While the medications are designed to provide pain relief and numb the area, the injection itself can stimulate the fibers in a process called “needling”. Many patients find this provides additional pain relief.

The medical procedure is very safe and has few side effects, other than those associated with an injection. These may include bruising at the injection site and temporary soreness or swelling.

Since the procedure is so simple, there is typically no recovery time for a trigger point. Patients may resume their normal activities immediately after leaving the doctor’s office. For most patients, pain relief lasts for several weeks after injection and may permanently alleviate pain. If the pain points return, a doctor may recommend or provide a second injection.

Seek Pain Relief in Broward County Through Trigger Point Injection

A simple shot could relieve you of your knotted muscles. The services of an experienced Broward County trigger point injection doctor could provide guidance and assistance to treat your ongoing chronic pain. If other pain treatment methods have not worked for you, contact a focused medical professional before deciding your next. Relief may be just an injection away.