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Dealing with chronic back pain severely impairs your quality of life. If your long-term back pain results from disc issues, disc replacement surgery can help. In the past, an operation known as spinal fusion was performed to relieve disc pain, but artificial disc replacement can be just as effective with no additional risk factors.

A Broward County disc replacement doctor may be able to relieve your chronic pain, allowing you to again enjoy the activities that back pain would not permit. Call a skilled doctor right away to begin your assessment.

Disc Replacement Candidates

Not everyone with chronic back pain due to disc problems is a candidate for disc replacement surgery. Good candidates for the procedure are of normal weight with no previous spinal or abdominal surgery and no history of scoliosis, advanced joint disease, significant nerve compression, or other types of spinal deformity or injury. Additionally, disc replacement is most viable when only one or two discs are causing a patient’s back pain.

Patients who are not candidates for disc replacement may still do well with spinal fusion. The doctor may recommend that candidates for surgery perform certain exercises before the procedure to strengthen back muscles as much as possible.

Disc Replacement Testing

Before any decision is made regarding an artificial disc replacement, the doctor conducts a series of tests to confirm that a patient’s back problem does, in fact, result from a degenerated or herniated disc. These tests include X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans.

Disc Replacement Procedure

Disc replacement surgery involves the surgeon making an incision in the abdomen. Blood vessels and internal organs are moved to one side so that the surgeon has spinal access. The damaged disc or discs are removed, and the surgeon replaces them with an artificial disc made of two metal plates.

These plates are situated where the natural disc was removed. One plate attaches to the vertebrae below the disc being replaced, while the other plate attaches to the vertebrae above. A plastic bearing is then inserted between the plates, enabling the artificial disc to move like the original disc did.

Disc Replacement Recovery

Expect, on average, a two-day hospital stay after disc replacement surgery. Because this operation does not require bone healing, recovery is generally faster than with other spinal surgeries. Standing and walking, with help, is encouraged the night of the surgery.

The doctor will recommend exercises to aid with healing and keep the spine supple. While it may take a couple of months to fully recover, many patients are able to resume most normal activities about a month after surgery.

Disc Replacement Risks

Although disc replacement is a relatively safe operation, there are potential risks with any type of surgery. These risks include:

  • Infection
  • Spinal stiffness
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Disc loosening or fracturing
  • Disc dislocation

These risks are why candidates for the disc replacement are carefully screened. Patients deemed good candidates for the procedure have a much lower risk factor.

There is also a chance that disc replacement surgery will not completely relieve pain. A Broward County disc replacement doctor can explain all risks so that their patient understands exactly what is involved with the procedure.

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