Tips for a DIY Back Massage

Every day, you experience situations that can cause issues for your back. Whether it’s spending long hours on your computer, enduring a lengthy drive to work, or even a gym workout, the wrong position or move can harm your back. Regular, DIY back massage can help work out any kinks and keep serious back pain at bay. DIY back massage is free and easy, but it is important to do it right.

Getting Ready

Before starting a DIY back massage, you have to prepare. Begin by getting fully relaxed. For many people, that means a hot shower or using a heating pad to loosen up tight muscles. Make sure your clothes are comfortable and do not restrict you. Turn off the TV and avoid any other distractions.

Start with Stretching

Prior to your DIY back massage, start stretching, focusing on any painful areas. If you are not familiar with gentle stretching exercises, ask your doctor for recommendations. This step is especially crucial for anyone suffering from back pain. You do not want to perform exercises that can make the back pain worse.

Types of DIY Back Massage

Choose the type of DIY back massage you prefer, or combine them.

Hands and Fingers

Use just your hands and fingers on areas like the upper back, neck and shoulders. Move your fingers in a gentle, circular motion, using additional pressure on any areas that are in pain. For those painful areas, use firm pressure until that part of your back feels better. For best results, use the right hand on the left side of your body and vice versa.

Tennis Ball

A tennis ball is an excellent aid for a DIY back massage. Either lie down on your back, or place your back against the wall. Put the tennis ball between your back and the floor or wall, on the area that hurts. Press your body against the ball and move around in circular, up-and-down, and back-and-forth motions.

Foam Roller

These devices are used for massage and are especially good for lower back pain. Place a foam roller underneath the lower back when lying on the floor. Rest your weight on the roller, and gently move your body over the device so that it moves up and down the lower back.

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