Holiday Gift Ideas for Loved Ones Suffering from Back Pain

‘Tis the season, and you are probably making a list and checking it twice. When considering holiday gift ideas for loved ones, you may not be as concerned about who has been naughty or nice this year, but want to know how they are feeling. You want to help a loved one suffering from back pain feel as well as possible, and there are gifts that can make a difference in your loved one’s comfort level. Many of these gifts are not expensive, but they are quite useful.

Go Ergonomic

Ergonomic gifts, designed for optimal human use, may aid people suffering from back pain. Often, back pain results from repetitive motions occurring over a long period of time. Ergonomically designed objects can prevent that repetitive trauma. Consider purchasing an ergonomic chair for home office use, or an ergonomically designed computer keyboard and mouse.

Practical Purposes

Your loved one will appreciate the practical gifts that make living with back pain less stressful. Here are a few examples:

  • Microwaveable heat wraps – pop these wraps in the microwave, then put them on to enjoy the relief of penetrating heat
  • Grabbers – if an item falls or is out of reach, a grabber allows easy pick-up without the person suffering from back pain having to bend down or reach upwards
  • Swivel seat – help your loved one get out of their car with a swivel seat, so there is no need to twist the back
  • Shoehorn extension – there is no need to bend to put on footwear with a handy shoehorn extension
  • Acupressure mat – this mat, with thousands of acupressure points, can help relieve back pain in users
  • Muscle pain relief patches – people with back pain often depend on these patches to help them through the day. They are not expensive – buy your loved one a whole year’s worth for the holidays
  • Massage or acupuncture gift certificates – find a good masseuse or acupuncturist and purchase a certain number of sessions for your loved one

Where to Buy Gifts for People with Back Pain

Online shopping is your best bet for finding and purchasing these gifts, but there are plenty of “brick and mortar” stores where you can also buy them. Because these items are meant to help people in pain, you may want to look at them in person rather than rely on a computer image, so check out pharmacies and medical supply stores.

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