Common Reasons People Experience Back Pain

Are you one of the more than 31 million Americans who suffer from back pain? If so, you know just how much that constant gnawing can affect your daily life. Many people who suffer episodes of back pain often miss work and are unable to participate in social or recreational activities during a flare up.

Although some back pain is caused by an accident or other injury to the back, most back pain is triggered by factors that we can often control. The following are some common reasons people experience back pain.

Poor Diet

One of the most critical things someone can do to help ease back pain – and improve overall health – is to eat a healthy diet. Being overweight is one of the top risks to developing back issues. Carrying too much weight not only causes back pain but can also contribute to painful joints.

Lack of Exercise

Not exercising also leads to weight gain and back pain. Participating in regular exercise activity not only helps maintain a proper weight, it can also strengthen and tone the muscles that support the back. Having a strong core is critical to alleviating chronic back pain. Recommended exercises for back pain include swimming, walking, and yoga.

Incorrect Posture

Many people do not realize how much posture can affect the risk of developing back pain. And it is not just when standing or sitting at a computer that a person should be aware of posture. Many people get into a slumping position as they look at their smartphones, shoulders rounded and neck down. Being in this position on a daily basis puts strain and pressure on nerves and muscles.

Depression and Stress Can Lead to Back Pain

Multiple medical studies have shown that when a person is struggling with depression or stress, they often have physical symptoms, including pain, along with the emotional symptoms they may be dealing with. The most common areas of stress pain are back and neck pain, as well as headaches.

Smoking Can Affect More than The Lungs

Smoking cigarettes offers absolutely no benefit. In addition to the damage it does to a smoker’s lungs and heart, smoking also deprives the cells of the body with oxygen. This can weaken muscles, resulting in back pain. Medical research has determined that smoking triples the risks of a smoker developing back pain.

Painful Back Conditions

Anyone who falls into one of the above categories of common reasons of back pain, may develop one of the following conditions:

A Spine Doctor Can Help Those Experiencing Back Pain

It is often difficult to tell why you are suffering from back pain or what the best solution may be. As there is no single cause or solution, it is important to work with an experienced specialist who can help control your symptoms.

There are other common reasons people experience back pain and, if you are struggling, a doctor may be able to help. Contact a spine doctor today to set up an appointment for a free evaluation.