Simple Yoga Poses for Back Pain Relief 

Yoga does more than balance your mental and emotional state. Simple yoga poses can also provide relief for back pain. If you are in relatively good health other than your back pain, ask your doctor about performing certain yoga poses.  

For some poses, you may need to take an over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), such as ibuprofen, at least when initially starting poses. Here are some helpful poses for back pain sufferers: 

  • Basic pose – the most basic of yoga poses helps strengthen back muscles. Starting on the hand and knees, begin to do a push-up, but then raise the hips, moving them towards the ceiling. The body should resemble an inverted V. Allow the neck muscles to relax, with the gaze directed toward the thighs.  Release to the beginning position to leave the pose. Do the pose daily, repeating it three times. 
  • Tension and pain relief pose – this pose aids in releasing lower back muscles. Stand up and place each foot the same distance from the hip. Inhale, placing the arms to the side and keeping the palms facing upward. Exhale while slowly bending at the waist, while lower the arms to the side and eventually to the floor. Hang your head while grasping the opposite elbow. Hold this pose for 2 minutes. Bend the knees a little and put the hands on the hips to rise. Execute this poses three to five times a day.  
  • Child’s pose – begin on hands and knees, with the heels and hips as close as possible. Stretch out arms so they and the palms rest on the ground.  Breathe deeply while bringing the forehead to the ground. Release the pose by bringing the hands to the legs and sitting up gradually. Repeat the pose three times daily.  
  • Triangle pose – used for spine strengthening, begin by standing with feet 4 feet apart. Move the left foot to a 90-degree angle and the right foot to 15 degrees. Inhale with arms to the sides outward and while exhaling bring the left arm to the floor. Put the right arm straight up into the air. Inhale while raising the upper body.  The triangle exercise is done just once a day.   

While yoga is generally beneficial for back, some yoga poses can actually make back pain worse, so make sure you clear whatever poses you intend to do with your doctor before getting started.  

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