When to See a Tampa Bay Doctor for Back Pain

Eventually, nearly everyone must deal with back pain. What is important is knowing when to see a Tampa Bay doctor for back pain. For most people, the pain resolves within a few weeks with conservative treatment. For a simple strain, the cause of most back pain cases, over-the-counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatories for pain relief and light back pain exercises are the only treatments needed. Contact an established back pain doctor for any questions regarding the pain you are experiencing.

Monitoring Pain

Unless someone’s pain is severe, they should have a week of at-home treatment before contacting a physician. If the pain has not lessened within that one week span, it is time for professional help. There are reasons to call the doctor earlier besides intense pain. Some people with back pain find sleeping impossible, and the doctor can prescribe medication to ease pain and allow them to rest. Pain that worsens at night may result from a more serious back issue than the typical muscle strain. Individuals should also call the doctor if their back pain dovetails with unintended weight loss.

Emergency Treatment

If back pain results from any sort of trauma, such as a motor vehicle or sports accident, seek medical attention immediately. Other situations requiring a prompt visit to the doctor or hospital include loss of bowel or bladder control or tingling, weakness, shooting pain or numbness in the arms or legs. If fever accompanies back pain, or the affected area is red or swollen, that may be when to see a Tampa Bay doctor for back pain. The aforementioned symptoms often indicate infection.

Everyday Aches and Pains

Some people live with low-level back pain for years. When do those everyday aches and pains require a doctor’s visit? The simplest answer is when a substantial increase in pain develops. Even if you have put up with minor back pain for a long time, it is wise to consult a doctor and explore options for pain reduction. Back pain limits your activities and your overall quality of life. There is no reason to put up with it for years on end. Knowing when to see a Tampa Bay doctor for back pain could be critical. If you need to see a doctor for your back pain, call us today and arrange an appointment.