Weight Loss for Back Pain Relief in Tampa Bay

Too much weight can affect your health in various ways, and that includes pain in your back. Being overweight can cause a big strain on your spine. People suffering from obesity are far more likely to experience back pain than those of normal weight. Aim for a goal of within ten pounds of your ideal weight. The right diet and exercise program can make you feel better all around, and in a best-case scenario, can resolve your back pain. It may be critical to speak with an established back pain doctor about the appropriate way to ease your pain.

How Excess Weight Contributes to Back Pain

Excess weight puts excess pressure on the joints and musculoskeletal system. Herniated discs may occur because of damage resulting from heavyweights. That additional weight may move into the areas between the vertebrae, especially in the lower back, causing alignment problems.

Those carrying too much weight in the abdominal region are more prone to lower back pain, as the weight causes the pelvis to tilt forward, straining the lower back. Those who live a sedentary life have weaker back muscles than fit people and this weakness can lead to back issues.

How to Consume a Healthy Diet

Without changes in eating habits, weight loss will not happen. Cut out processed and sugary foods, and switch to a diet featuring more fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and lean meats. Avoid drinking soda and consume more water.

Walking more can help people begin their weight loss exercise regimen. If possible, walk to nearby places that normally involves a car trip. Regular walking and similar low-impact aerobic exercises such as swimming or riding a bike, are good ways to start an exercise program. 30 minutes of such exercise daily, five times a week can help take the weight off and keep it off. That does not mean a person must begin their aerobic routine at a half hour from the beginning. Work up to that amount over a period of two to three weeks.

What Are Examples of Helpful Exercises for Someone’s Back?

A person can also break the exercise into smaller components, such as two 15-minute walks each day. Once they get into a good aerobic routine and the pounds start to come off, they may want to consider other physical activities to help with back pain and weight loss, such as strength training. Other practices that can help with weight loss and back pain include yoga, Pilates, and tai chi. As a person’s fitness level and flexibility improve, they should notice changes in their back pain levels. Exercise helps increase blood flow to the body’s soft tissues, lessening back stiffness.

Ask a Back-Pain Doctor Today About Weight Loss for Back Pain

Programs for weight loss for back pain relief in Tamoa Bay are not one-size-fits-all. Some people may want to consult physical therapists and other professionals and have a program devised especially for their needs. Anyone who is extremely overweight – a condition known as morbid obesity – should have professional help to tackle their diet and exercise issues.

A good diet and exercise program benefits patients in other ways, which can also contribute to back health. People at their ideal weight are less likely to develop heart disease, stroke, diabetes and possibly even cancer. Those who have lost a great deal of weight usually feel better about themselves, in general, and exercise is known for relieving depression.

If you would like to lose weight to help alleviate back pain, call today and make an appointment. A detail-oriented back pain doctor can devise the right diet and exercise plan for your needs to help you feel better.