Tips to Protect Your Lower Back

Back pain is the second leading cause of employee sick days after the common cold, and lower back pain is typically the culprit. Sooner or later, most people will go through an episode of lower back pain, but there are ways to prevent the most frequent causes of back pain. Get in touch with an experienced Tampa doctor to discuss options to protect your lower back.

The Right Exercise

Taking care of your lower back does not mean you must partake of a strenuous exercise regime. Regular, low-impact exercise such as walking can keep your lower back in good shape. Build your abdominal core to help your back with aerobic exercises.

One of the most important physical activities for a healthy back is not exercise per se. Rather, it is maintaining good posture at all times.

There are also the “wrong” exercises for the lower back, some of which are unfortunately quite popular. Do not attempt stomach crunches or any exercises involving a lot of spinal twists. If an exercise involves bending forward from the waist without bending the legs – such as touching your toes – do not perform it.

Proper Lifting

Lifting a heavy object incorrectly is a major cause of lower back pain. Always bend your knees to lift an item, not bending from the waist. Before you even get to the lifting stage, assess the item’s weight. A small box might contain a heavy object, so move it lightly with your hands to get an idea of its heaviness.

When lifting, stay close to the object rather than reaching out for it. Lift the piece smoothly and slowly. Once lifted, carry it straight rather than on one side of your body.

At the Office

If you spend most of your workday sitting behind a computer, you are not doing your back any favors. There are ways to keep your lower back sound even in a sedentary job. If your office provides employees with ergonomically designed chairs, obtain one. If such chairs are not available, placed a small pillow or tightly rolled towel behind your back and always sit up straight when working.

Take frequent breaks and walk around the office. If possible, work at least part of the day from a standing desk.

Musts to Avoid

How does smoking, drinking too much, sleeping too little and a poor diet affect your lower back? Your back is part of your body, and anything affecting your overall health can cause lower back issues. Avoid harmful practices and make healthy choices.

Ask your doctor about a diet to reduce inflammation – this can help prevent or reduce lower back pain.

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