Sleeping Tips for Patients with Neck or Back Pain

Suffering from neck or back pain is bad enough. Being unable to get a good night’s sleep because of the pain makes a person even more miserable, and may affect their ability to do their job or carry out normal duties. There are certain tips for sleeping that can help patients with neck or back pain, but to know more information about treatment, it is important to get in touch with an experienced back pain doctor.

The Right Position

Changing one’s normal sleeping position can ease neck or back pain. For neck pain, an individual can try sleeping on their side or back, rather than their abdomen. People with back pain generally do best sleeping flat on their back, with their knees up.

The Right Mattress

Neck or back pain sufferers should avoid very firm or very soft mattresses. Mattresses in the medium range provide ideal support and sufficient cushioning, which mattresses at either extreme cannot provide.

For some types of back pain, sleeping in a recliner is easier than sleeping in a bed. A person with chronic back pain may consider buying an adjustable bed for ideal spinal alignment.

The Right Pillows

The right pillows can especially help neck pain. An individual can purchase a “memory foam” pillow to help keep their head and neck properly aligned during sleep. Feather pillows are fine, too, but not if they are relatively old.

Feather pillows are designed for replacement every year or so, and most people do not replace them nearly that often. A person can also place a rolled-up towel beneath their neck or inside the pillowcase for more support.

Those with back pain might place a small pillow beneath the knees, which helps keep the spine straight. They may also want to add a small pillow underneath the lower back for additional support.

Sleeping Aids

Neck and back pain sufferers who have a really hard time sleeping might consider using an over-the-counter sleep aid to help them get needed rest. There are sleep aids combining medications with sedative and pain reducing properties.

Neck and back pain resulting from muscle strain may benefit from the temporary use of muscle relaxants prescribed by a doctor, and these medications have a sleep-inducing effect.

Avoid Eating Before Bedtime

While people know that drinking coffee or any beverage containing caffeine is not wise in the hours before bedtime, what is not as well known is that eating not long before bed can also disrupt the sleep cycle.

An individual should consider cutting the late-night snack to get ready for bed at their normal bedtime. Even if a person is in pain, the body responds to the routine of a regular time for sleeping.

Contact a Back Pain Doctor

If you suffer from neck or back pain, call a Tampa Bay doctor today and arrange an appointment for a consultation.