Simple Changes You Can Make at Home to Help Relieve Back Pain

If back pain is making you miserable, you have likely already tried plenty of over-the-counter pain relievers, along with the use of hot and cold therapies. These remedies have their benefits, but often simple lifestyle changes can make your back feel better. Get in touch with a Tampa Bay back doctor for help understanding simple ways to relieve back pain at home and for more information on treatment.

Dietary Changes

Making some basic dietary changes may relieve back pain. If your digestive system is not working well, that affects your muscular system. In turn, poor muscular support can cause or aggravate back pain. Eliminating certain foods and drinks from your diet may improve dietary function, and subsequently muscular function.

Avoid items such as sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and dairy, all of which elevate cortisol levels. Increased cortisol can lead to inflammation and more pain.

Keep a food diary and write down everything you eat. Note any changes in your digestion, elimination habits, and back pain. Some people feel noticeably better within a week or so of making these dietary changes.

Take Frequent Breaks from the Computer or TV

Do you spend hours hunched in front of the computer, or sitting down watching TV? Long, uninterrupted periods in front of any electronic device are not good for your back – in fact, they may have caused the pain in the first place. At least every 15 minutes, get up and walk around. Do a little stretching when out of the chair. These simple actions can prevent back pain from occurring or keep it from worsening.

Change Your Chairs

Purchase ergonomically designed chairs for your home office, den, or wherever you work on your computer or watch TV. If you do not want to add an ergonomically designed chair to your décor, at least choose chairs with armrests and good lower back support.

Rearrange the Household

Make sure the items you use most are easily accessible, so you are not straining your back to get to them. Keep your everyday personal items in the bathroom at chest level. The same holds true for kitchen appliances, such as the coffeepot or toaster, or the dishes and glasses you use daily.

Sleep on the First Floor

Many people with back pain find that climbing stairs exacerbates their condition. If that describes you and your bedroom is on the second floor of your home, try moving your sleeping quarters to the first floor temporarily. If that is not practical, moving your home office from upstairs to downstairs may also offer relief from frequent stair climbing.

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