Tips for Back Pain-Free Traveling in Tampa Bay

Back pain might limit your mobility, but your job or personal life may require traveling. Do you really want to give up a much anticipated, probably nonrefundable, vacation because of back pain? If you plan ahead and take care, you can get through these trips with minimal discomfort. For more tips for back pain-free traveling in Tampa Bay, contact an established back pain doctor.

Light Packing

Pack only what is absolutely necessary, and use a wheeled suitcase with a handle. The less luggage individuals must struggle with, the easier it is on their back. Another alternative is shipping luggage to the destination, and ship it back before their return. That means it is possible to get away with just a carry-on bag on an airliner.

Airplane Rides

Flying is often the most difficult part of a trip for back pain sufferers. If someone’s back pain is severe, their doctor should be involved. A medical letter might allow someone receive special consideration, such as permission to lie on the floor during the flight or receive additional cushions. Should this be the case, the passenger should contact the airline prior to the flight, just after booking the tickets, and request that airline representatives carry the individuals’ bags and/or let them board the flight early.

Bring over-the-counter pain relievers and take a dose at least one hour before the flight. One of the tips for back pain-free traveling in Tampa Bay is to carry this medication in a clear plastic bag and keep it in case additional doses are needed during the flight. It may be critical for individuals to bring their own back support, ask the attendant for pillows or get up and walk around during the flight as much as possible.

Long-Distance Drives

Back support, back support, back support – that is the mantra for long-distance driving. Lumbar support may be used for normal driving, but someone may want to up their game if they are sitting in a vehicle for hours on end.

A portable swivel seat can help them exit and enter the car more easily while taking those frequent rest stops necessary to walk around and lessen back pain. When driving on highways, use cruise control whenever possible so both feet can rest on the floor, making it easier on the back.

Do Not Scrimp on Hotels

People do not have to book rooms at a four-star hotel, but spend the money to stay at a good establishment. The primary reason is that better hotels have better mattresses. This can be one of the more impactful tips for back pain-free traveling in Tampa Bay.

Continue Exercises

Have you ever been in an airport or hotel lobby and seen someone off in a corner, performing what looks suspiciously like back exercises? Now you can join them. You might prefer to do your exercises in the privacy of your hotel room, but make sure you do them. If your doctor advises you to do X number of certain back exercises daily, then just find a quiet place to get them done.