Ways to Improve Posture and Decrease Back Pain

Poor posture contributes to the development of back pain. Bad posture stresses your spine and can cause changes leading to back issues. Fortunately, you are not necessarily stuck with poor posture for the rest of your life. Various exercises and movement changes can improve your posture and decrease or even eliminate your back pain.

The key involves making a commitment toward postural change. This can take time, but eventually becomes second nature. Good posture does more than help your back pain – it improves your whole appearance.

Good Posture

Good posture results when the all the spinal bones are aligned properly. This holds true no matter whether walking, standing, sitting and lifting or any of the myriad tasks the body performs each day.

Good posture starts with thinking about the right posture in all situations. Just imagining the correct posture and then acting on it is the first step.

Exercises for Good Posture

Daily exercises for postural improvement include:

  • Stretching the upper body – standing with arms raised facing a corner, place the hands flat against the wall, keeping the arms at shoulder height. Put one foot in front of the other foot. Then bend the front knee, exhaling and leaning into the corner. All of this time, the chest is upward and the back is straight. Hold this position to the count of 30
  • Squeezing the shoulder blades – sitting up straight in a chair, rest the hands on the thighs. Shoulders are down and chin is level. Move the shoulders back slowly, squeezing the blades together. Count to 5 and loosen. Perform this exercise three or four times at one sitting
  • Arm/chest stretch – the right arm rises to shoulder level in the front and then bends at the elbow. Keep the front of the arm parallel to the ground. Take the right elbow in the left hand and slowly pull the arm across the chest. A stretching feeling occurs on the right side’s shoulder and upper arm. Count to 20 and release. Repeat the exercise at least two more times per session, and then do the same on the opposite side

Ergonomic Devices

Ergonomic devices – those designed to keep people in a healthy state while working – can improve your posture. Consider adding an ergonomic chair to your work or home office to aid your posture. Certain backpacks, handbags, and other common items are also created with ergonomics in mind to help reduce poor posture and prevent back strain.

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