DIY Back Massage

While a massage by a professional masseuse is preferable when you suffer from back pain, it is not always practical. You do not need a second party to perform a therapeutic massage – you can learn to do it yourself. You will need to purchase some items to ensure you obtain an adequate, relieving DIY back massage.

DIY Handheld Massager

How do you massage areas of your back that you cannot reach? The answer is using a handheld massager, available in various power levels. If you suffer serious back pain, you need a stronger device than the types of massagers designed for minor aches. Your doctor or massage therapist can recommend a type and model of handheld massager best suiting your needs.

The Tennis Ball Effect

A simple tennis ball placed beneath your lower back while you lie on the floor can do a good job giving a massage. Move your back against the ball so that it helps get the kinks out of stiff back muscles. It is a matter of moving quietly and slowly so that all sides of your back receive the tennis ball effect.

Since the tennis ball helps with muscle tension, you do not want to move it along your actual spine. The entire massage takes only a few minutes and does not require a great deal of pressure on the tennis ball.

A variant of this exercise substitutes a freeze ball for the tennis ball. These items, available from massage suppliers, are balls filled with liquid and kept in the freezer when not in use. Massaging the lower back with this type of ball gives you cold therapy relief in addition to the massage.

Keep a tennis ball or freeze ball at work. Place the ball on the back of the chair rather than on the floor and give yourself a gentle massage during the workday.

Upper Back Massage

Computer work can cause pain in the upper back, neck, and shoulders. Fortunately, these are areas ideal for DIY massage. Take a break from the computer screen and drop the shoulders.

Move your chin to the chest slowly, so that your neck stretches. Then, place a few fingertips on the nape of the neck and hold then down firmly. Let go when you feel the neck muscles relax. Follow up with a shoulder roll. Do this exercise as often as needed during the day.

Contact a Back Pain Doctor Today

If you suffer from back pain, contact a doctor today and make an appointment for a consultation.