Exercises for Degenerative Disc Pain Relief

A diagnosis of degenerative disc disease means the discs in your back weaken and start collapsing. Pain results from these the pressure these discs put on spinal column nerves. A proper exercise regimen can help relieve your pain. Always consult your skilled doctor before embarking on an exercise plan for your disc issues.

One caveat: While certain exercises can relieve pain resulting from degenerative discs, they cannot heal the discs and/or reverse damage. However, by performing these exercises daily, you will strengthen your abdominal and lumbar muscles and lessen pain.

The good news is that degenerative disc disease is not necessarily progressive, and exercises also help reduce degeneration.

Exercises for Degenerative Disc Pain Relief

These exercises may help decrease pain when done regularly, as they relieve disc pressure:

  • Press-ups – lying on the stomach, bend the elbow and bring the forearms beneath the chest. Leave the hands directly underneath the shoulders. Gently straighten out the elbows and then lift the chest up. Always keep the back muscles relaxed. Stop after feeling a low back stretch, and hold to a count of 20. Repeat the press-up 10 times daily
  • Bridging – lying on the back, keep arms at the side. Bend the knees, keeping the feet on the floor. Flatten the lower back on the floor as much as possible. Squeeze the buttocks while pushing toward the floor with the heels. Raise the hips up as high as possible, but keep the shoulders on the floor. Hold to a count of 3, and repeat the exercise 10 times. Do these complete exercise sets 10 times daily
  • Cobra – lie on the stomach, with arms at the side, palms facing upwards. Tighten buttock and lower back muscles. By squeezing the shoulder blades, lift up the chest. Arms are always relaxed. Hold to the count of three and then gently go back down. Repeat the cobra 10 times per session

Low Impact Aerobic Exercise

In addition to specific exercises, low impact aerobic pursuits can help strengthen back muscles and lower pain. Even better, people suffering from degenerative disc disease can perform these activities with friends or loved ones. Common low impact aerobic exercises benefitting degenerative disc disease include:

  • Bicycling
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Yoga

Low impact means taking it easy, so people who formerly ran or jogged for exercise should cut back to walking until they receive the doctor’s OK to up their game. The same holds true for cycling – no marathons, just leisurely rides around the neighborhood.

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